5 Steps Towards Creating a Body Positive Wardrobe

5 Steps Towards Creating a Body Positive Wardrobe - Kortni Jeane

Creating a Body Positive Wardrobe

5 Steps Towards Creating a Body Positive Wardrobe

You know all of those clothes in your closet that you haven't worn in one, maybe three, or maybe even ten years? You don't need those skeletons in your closet! We know everyone is on a cleaning kick, thanks to Marie Kondo, and it's remarkably satisfying to organize your closet and take out the things that no longer bring you joy. But, this isn't just about Marie Kondoing your closet, it's about creating a wardrobe that fosters body positivity in your everyday life!

As a swimsuit company that promotes feeling confident in your swimmer no matter where you're at with your body, we love suggesting swimsuits that will make you feel more comfortable than ever! We work to design swimsuits that work for every body. Whether you're looking for a nursing friendly swimsuit, a swimmer that stays put in the waves, or a swimmer to mix up your style, we've got you covered! In a similar way, having a wardrobe that promotes positive body image is a significant step towards loving yourself and reminding yourself daily that you're perfect just the way you are. There are so many things that can make us feel down about ourselves, so why oh why would we keep those clothes around that convince us we're not thin enough, not stylish enough, and not good enough? Nobody needs clothes as their worst enemies, so it's time for change!

there are no rules

First and foremost, there are no real rules of style! There are also no real rules of dressing for your body type. Of course, we all want to wear things that we look in the mirror and think "dang I look smokin today!" But when it comes down to it, you can wear whatever suits you! Society often tells us that we "don't have the body to pull that off." Especially with social media, it's easy to compare ourselves to others that are thinner, bustier, or more muscular. But, you know what? Your style is YOURS! You can wear whatever you like. So, buy those hot pink sequin earrings! Go ahead and put on those bellbottom jeans that make your curves look fabulous! Tell yourself that yes, you CAN buy that leather jacket and pull it off! It's up to you to determine your style and express yourself through your wardrobe! 

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if it doesn't fit, toss it!

Get rid of it. Throw it out. Burn it. Whatever you need to do to get rid of clothes that no longer fit, DO IT! Have you ever gone to the store and found something that speaks to you? It's the best feeling! But, if your clothes are speaking to you, what are those pants in your drawer that no longer fit saying to you? I'm sure it's nothing you need to hear, and it's definitely not something that boosts your self image. It can be a hard truth, but instead of seeing those clothes and thinking "maybe by the end of the summer I'll fit into those jeans like I used to" or "I'll keep that shirt around for when I lose 20 pounds," just decide that you don't need it anymore! Maybe you will lose weight. Maybe your body will change. But having those clothes around that don't promote happiness every day is a waste of time and a waste of space, both mentally and physically. You deserve clothes that fit you as you are.

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body affirmations

We promise you that nothing can help turn a day around more than saying these body affirmations to yourself every morning. Take time when you get dressed to look in the mirror and recognize yourself for who you are and how you're showing up in the world today. We wrote these 10 Body Affirmations for Trying on Swimsuits This Season not just for trying on swimsuits, but for getting dressed every day! Let them guide you in your thought process every morning as you decide how you're going to think about and speak to your body that day. 


Accessories help you focus on how gorgeous you look instead of focusing on the negative body image that often plagues us. At Kortni Jeane, we always feel like queens when we accessorize to make our style really pop, and we want you to feel the same way! Right now there are so many fun accessories that are in style. From headbands and turbans to fringe earrings and colorful hoops, there's sure to be something you love. Some of our current favorites are Klaed Kerchief neckerchiefs and headbands, Zero UV sunglasses, and Gigi Pip hats. You can read more about our favorite accessories that we use in our photo shoots in our Behind the Scenes of our Photo shoot blog.
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Accessories aren't about pulling attention away from your body either. They're all about expressing your personal style and making the most our of an outfit. Best of all, accessories will always fit. No matter what stage of life you're in, whether you're feeling confident about your body or not, your earrings, necklaces, and headbands will still fit instead of sitting in your drawer as a reminder of the things you used to be able to wear.

don't buy clothes that aren't comfortable

Now let's talk about comfortable sizing. I'm sure all of us have had that moment in the dressing room where we get down on ourselves because something that looked stunning on the rack just doesn't quite fit right. Say goodbye to the days of convincing yourself to buy something only to discover that when you wear it for the first time you can only think about how uncomfortable it is. It can be tricky to find clothes that we feel good in, but when you do, it's worth it! Most importantly, buying clothes that are comfortable for you tells yourself that YOU are worth it.

Sizing can be so unique to stores and different clothing styles. While we can waste time online comparing our bodies to different fruits, the truth is that every body is unique. If you're usually a medium and you try on a medium sweater that is too tight, that doesn't mean anything is wrong with you. Try on a large. Try on an extra large! Whatever you need to do to make the fit comfortably, do it! Don't be afraid to ask the store for help with your shape. Just like us, I'm sure they have suggestions for you no matter how unique your shape is. We have a fabulous customer service team that can answer each and every question you have, so never hesitate to email hello@kortnijeane.com. You don't need any regrets when you get home and wear your cute new outfit for the first time. You deserve to feel comfortable and fabulous!

Lastly, we wanted to share some influencers that we love that promote body positivity & major style inspiration: 
Maranda Flamm
Maranda Flamm - @theeccentricedition 
Maranda is a body positive babe who's style will inspire you to dress the way you want. She's stunning in every way and creates some of the funnest combos while owning her gorgeous curves. 
Alison Faulkner
Alison Faulkner - @thealisonshow
Not only does she wear the most unique, fancy, and fresh outfits, but she also deserves a gold medal for her dance moves! She treats herself to manicures, studded sunglasses, and fur coats like she truly deserves!
jessica janae
Jessica Janae - @jessicajanaee
This gorgeous body positive mom of two has the best style inspiration for curvy women! She's unique, strong, and inspirational, not to mention an incredible photographer. She has a whole Instagram series called "All Jessed Up" where she walks us through styling for curvy women and it's gold! Be sure to check out her feature on Calvin Klein's Instagram and give her lots of love! 
Tiffany Roe
Tiffany Roe - @heytiffanyroe
Tiffany has shared how, for her, dying her hair is a form of personal expression. We've seen it pink, purple, and blonde, and she looks as good as ever in them all! As a licensed therapist and mental health advocate, Tiffany also teaches us to embrace our bodies and learn how to speak positively to ourselves each day because we deserve nothing less.
Lily Fischer
Lily Fischer - @roziejune
Lily started Roziejune, an online accessory shop, to promote self love. She shares her story of how accessories have been her go-to for styling. As a young woman and a young mom fluctuating in her weight, accessories would sometimes be the only things that would fit her the same over the years. She's now on a journey of promoting positive body image and self love to all the women out there that love to accessorize!
There are so many ladies killing it on Instagram right now and we love getting daily inspiration from these babes! Leave a comment and tell us who else inspires your style while also promoting positive body image! We'd love to hear! And last of all, just remember that your clothes should be a vehicle for expressing your style, not reminders of how inadequate you feel. It's no different with a swimsuit. You deserve clothes that you absolutely love and that fit you! 
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