Val Vista Lakes Arizona Photoshoot

Val Vista Lakes Arizona Photoshoot - Kortni Jeane
Val Vista Arizona Photoshoot
Val Vista Lakes Arizona Photo Shoot
Kortni Jeane Arizona Warehouse sale
A couple of weeks ago we headed down to soak up the warmth and sunshine in Arizona. As we started our drive early in the morning, the skies bid us farewell with the largest snowflakes we've ever seen. If you didn't already know, we're all antsy for summer to come around, so we were relieved to head down south and out of the snow. 10 hours, 5 movies, and 2 rest stops later we concluded our road trip at The Soda Shop. We treated ourselves to the best mixed sodas we could ask for and started setting up for the next morning.
Kortni Jeane Arizona Warehouse sale
Saturday morning we arrived to find some of most loyal KJ fans lined up for our warehouse sale. Our most dedicated ladies even started lining up at 5:00 am! As soon as we were all set up and rehydrated (thanks to The Soda Shop's amazing staff!) it was time for our sale. Ladies, teens, and dedicated KJ husbands poured in and snagged their favorites! Some of our favorite parts of the sale included seeing what unique combos people mix 'n match from different lines, watching people meet Kortni (& of course seeing Vinni!), and talking to everyone who's been waiting for their favorite sale of the year!
Val Vista Lakes AZ photoshoot
While we're down in balmy Arizona, finding the perfect photoshoot location is a MUST! This year we took a dip in the incredible pools at Val Vista Lakes in Gilbert, Arizona and we wanted to stay in that little piece of paradise forever! We chose this fabulous location because it has several unique pools, including one with a sandy beach and another for racing, diving, and had a retro feel. And can we talk about the palm trees? As Utah girls we just can't get enough of the gorgeous palms all over Arizona and Val Vista Lakes! They had the perfect mix of greenery and florals for the occasion. 
Val Vista Lakes AZ photoshoot
Lauren Jaymes shot all of our photos and she is absolutely brilliant at what she does! Who else can make the water sparkle like she does? She captured the joy on all our faces as we had a blast shooting in the warm sun with our ladies, men, & minis. For our styled photo shoots, we plan out every detail of every outfit to make sure it fits perfectly with our Kortni Jeane style. For this photo shoot we were most excited about a certain entourage of colorful swimmers and our new props, 50 beach balls! Yes, FIFTY! You can imagine how long it took to blow those up, but it was 100% worth it because the photos turned out even better than we could have imagined! Our ladies in their matching swim caps looked like a dream with those retro beach balls! 
Val Vista Lakes Photoshoot
We also created this video for a special behind the scenes look at our photoshoot:
Join us next time to see what other fun photo shoots we plan! With each new line we have at least one styled photo shoot, so there's much MUCH more fun to come!
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