2 Swimmers, 4 Ways: The Fruity Collection

Kortni Jeane Fruity Collection 2 Swimmers, 4 Ways
Raspberries, kiwis, grapefruits, you name it! Our latest release of The Fruity Collection has some of our favorite pattern combos yet! 
We've created some inspiration for your next combo using only 2 swimsuit tops and 2 bottoms. So, with only 4 Kortni Jeane Swimmer pieces you can create 4 completely unique combinations! It's like having 4 completely new swimsuits, which is plenty to last through a season of fashionable fun in the sun.
If you're on the fence about what to mix'n match this year, we've got you covered. These looks will keep your swimsuit styling original so you can always be excited about putting on your swimsuit.
Kortni Jeane Fruity Collection Off The Shoulder top in pink kiwi and Who Wears Short Skirts in grapefruit
This classy combo features our Off The Shoulder top in Pink Kiwi and our Who Wears Short Skirts in Grapefruit. This pink on pink swimsuit is as fresh and girly as it gets. The kiwi's and grapefruits create a fun fruity combo that you're sure to get tons of compliments on. It's also the perfect combo for plenty of coverage and being able to move around without worrying about showing too much.
Kortni Jeane Swimsuits Off the Shoulder Top in pink kiwi and High Waisted Bottoms in ribbed deep olive
 Next, we've paired the perfect shades of pink and green with our Off The Shoulder top in Pink Kiwi and High-Waisted bottoms in Ribbed Deep Olive. The green in the kiwi design perfectly compliments these Olive Green bottoms. Here you can also see that the cross over v-neck back is extremely flattering, especially when it's paired with our specialty High-Waisted bottoms. 
Kortni Jeane Swimwear Tied Up Top in Raspberries and High Waisted Bottoms in ribbed deep olive
This fabulous combo combines our Tied-Up top in Raspberries and our High-Waisted bottoms in Ribbed Deep Olive. Best of all, our Tied-Up top can be styled 3 ways! Check out how here
Kortni Jeane Swimsuits Tied-Up Top in Raspberries and Who Wears Short Skirts in grapefruit
Last but not least is our fruitiest combination of the whole collection. The Tied-Up top in Raspberries paired with the Who Wears Short Skirts in Grapefruit is a fun, flirty combo that's sure to be unique wherever you go. Tie it up high or wrap it down low. Whatever you choose is sure to flatter your body type and create a fabulous look for spring.
What are your favorite combos of our new Fruity Collection? There's so many to choose from and I haven't found a mix'n match yet that doesn't look good! 
Kortni Jeane + Team


Aw… here they are. I was sure I had seen those here. I’m finally going on vacation and was looking for these prints but didn’t see it anywhere and I’m not loving any of the new prints :(

Too bad

Flávia Cristina Conley July 22, 2019

Please bring these back!! I’ve been searching for XXL grapefruit or kiwi for EVER ♥️

Elizabeth Fowler July 09, 2019

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