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Nursing Friendly Tops

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nursing friendly tops

Kortni Jeane nursing friendly tops

A company run by women gets women! We know that your swimsuit needs change as you enter motherhood. That's why offering nursing friendly swimsuit tops at Kortni Jeane is a must! We don't want to restrict our nursing mama's styling choices, because you know we're all about mix 'n match options over here. We have not one, not two, but EIGHT nursing friendly options for you. Nursing ladies, be prepared to be amazed! 

Kortni Jeane nursing friendly off the shoulder top

It's all in the name! Our Off the Shoulder top was created to easily slide off the shoulder for stye and functionality! This top is perfect for plenty of coverage while swimming, with sleeves that easily slip off to allow for nursing.  Simply slip one sleeve down while the other stays in place, while not having to worry about stretching out your swimsuit straps beyond repair. The v-shape in back also allows for plenty of stretch for our nursing mamas. So, there's no need to worry about taking off your entire swimsuit top for nursing time. We're simplifying things over here. 

Kortni Jeane nursing friendly v-neck top

The V-neck top is by far one of our customer's favorite nursing friendly tops. It's probably because there are two easy ways to nurse with this one. For the first option, you can slip one strap off while you nurse. The v-neck shape makes this easier because it's easy to slide off only one side, without the other coming with it. For a second option, you can nurse from underneath. Because the bottom portion of this swimsuit is peplum shaped, you can easily slide it up, while using the ruffled fabric for coverage. Kortni Jeane nursing friendly tied-up top

Our Tied-Up top is another great option for nursing because it's built as a halter top. The halter top strings can be untied for nursing accessibility. Additionally, the gorgeous large tie on the bottom that makes this design a fan favorite can be used for a little extra coverage. Just like the V-neck top ruffle at the bottom, when this is untied it adds a few inches of fabric so that you can cover up. Last of all, the shelf bra is not attached at the bottom, so the separated layers make it easy to pull up the shelf bra to nurse while staying covered by the overlaying fabric. So, whether you have to nurse in public or not, it's a comfortable option for all sizes!  

Kortni Jeane nursing friendly scoop-back top

What can we say? The v-neck shape is a life-saver when it comes to nursing friendly tops. With our Scoop-Back top, the straps can easily be slipped off the shoulder for nursing on the go. As an added bonus, the straps are adjustable, allowing you to change them as needed for daily feedings and as your chest changes sizes frequently as a nursing mother. As women, we also understand you only nurse one side at a time (unless you have twins, which is a whole different nursing situation!) so this swimsuit allows you to easily switch off sides while covering up the other. The v-neck shape is completely flexible and works for all sizes and shapes of nursing women. 

Kortni Jeane nursing friendly latter-back top

Our Latter-back top can also be used for nursing by conveniently slipping off one strap for your baby's feeding time. This swim top is a great option for higher coverage than the v-neck shapes with the same functionality of adjustable straps that can easily be slipped off the shoulder for nursing. 

Kortni Jeane nursing friendly swing top

Another tried and true favorite is our Swing top. This one is extra unique! The Swing top has a loose layer material over top, with a fitted layer underneath. For nursing, you can comfortably lift the fitted layer underneath while still being assured that the swing layer covers your chest. This option is perfect for beach days when there's no where to go to nurse privately. With this extra coverage, there's no need to worry! So, you can relax on the beach with your family and nurse in between play time. Kortni Jeane nursing friendly ruffled around top

Next up is our Ruffled Around top! You've probably seen our Ruffled Around top blog post, featuring four ways to wear this fabulous swim top, but did you know that these options come in handy for nursing mom's too? This top offers plenty of coverage with an easy off-the-shoulder transition for nursing. We know that sometimes nursing comes with struggles that you never thought of before. You're not alone! Leaking milk and lopsided chests can make for an uncomfortable day out for any one of our nursing mamas out there! We've got you covered with this one. On our Ruffled Around top, the large ruffle comes over your chest, adding coverage and distracts from any nursing mishaps. This option will stun you with it's accommodating fit!

Kortni Jeane nursing friendly V'D crop top

Our newest addition to the nursing friendly swim top family is the V'D Crop top! We're welcoming this new favorite with open arms because it comes with adjustable straps and a V'D neck line, pairing for the perfect nursing fit. You can freely adjust the straps or slip one off the shoulder. This swimsuit is incredibly flattering on bigger busts and smaller busts alike. Check out more about our V'D Crop top here
And of course, we couldn't write this post without featuring some of our favorite nursing mama's customer reviews! They've shown us new ways to wear these tops to nurse and proved that swim days can be just as functional while nursing than any other time in your life with Kortni Jeane! 
Kortni Jeane nursing friendly swimsuit tops
Kortni Jeane nursing friendly tops reviews
Kortni Jeane nursing friendly swimsuit tops
Kortni Jeane nursing friendly tops reviews
Did you ever dream that you'd find a nursing friendly swimsuit, let alone eight? Whether it's your first baby, or your sixth, we want you to be able to be a part of the fun! Tag us @kortnijeane to show us your favorite nursing friendly swimsuit picks! 
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