10 Things We're Grateful For

10 Things We're Grateful For - Kortni Jeane
10 things We're Grateful For
It's always good to make lists of what you're grateful for but we simply couldn't go through this time of year without sharing our list with you! Here at Kortni Jeane we love to think about all of the best things in life on a daily basis, so it's hard to narrow down what we're most grateful for as a whole. That said, these ten things are what we're grateful for every day, every week, and every year. They bring us so much joy, which of course we want to spread to you! We invite you to follow along while you make your own list of what you're most grateful for in 2019.
10 Things We're Grateful For - family
Family comes first. Always. We're each grateful for our families, no matter how different they are from one another. Whether you have a family of your own, extended family throughout the world, or you've made your own friends into your family, there's nothing more special than sharing your happiest, craziest, and most challenging times with them. And what's better than families? Families who match in their KJ swimmers!
10 Things We're Grateful For - warm weather
Bring on the sunshine! Oh yes, we know it's winter here in Utah, but warm weather is always just around the corner and we can't help but get more and more pumped for it each year! Sunshine always brings good vibes and inspires us to get outside and go on those adventures!
10 Things We're Grateful For - healthy food
We're not just talking fruits and veggies here, we're talking about the food that you eat that makes you feel your best. We crave a good healthy snack or a big ol' bowl of fruit. Over the years we've loved working with Aubrey Niccoli, a private chef who's passionate about healthy cooking, to bring you some recipes that are not only delicious but also full of healthy ingredients. From her incredible kale citrus salad to her date caramels, there are so many options that inspire us to try new healthy foods! Check them out on our In The Kitchen segment to get ideas.
10 Things We're Grateful For - mental health
We're grateful that mental health is becoming more talked about and more accessible for people. We're especially grateful that people are sharing their experiences and coming together on social media, and we're all for it! We always want this to be a space where you feel supported and enlightened. Whether it's body positivity, postpartum, or mental illness, we're all on a mental health journey. As we continue learning new ways to improve our mental health, we're oh so grateful for all of the knowledge available today that makes our lives better.
10 Things We're Grateful For - working with amazingn women
We love working in an office full of amazing women! Together we bring so much to the table and teach each other about leadership, creativity, friendship, and so much more. For International Women's Day this year, we asked each woman in our office what their favorite thing about working in an office full of women was and we've never felt so grateful for our team!
10 Things We're Grateful For - holidays
We go ALL OUT for holidays around here! It's something we all look forward to, and it brings excitement into the office like you've never seen! We're grateful for our favorite holidays to celebrate, including of course #kortnijeanehalloween because it involves all of you! In addition, we like to throw in a few extra holidays every month, like National Lipstick day, National Pizza day, and KJ sale days! We simply love celebrating every chance we get because it makes us grateful for both the big and little things in life.
10 Things We're Grateful For - our fabulous customers
Every single day we get to see photos of our fabulous customers rocking their KJ swimmers all over the world! We say it all the time, but there's truly nothing better! Each and every one of you make it worth the journey! We can't help but feature our favorite photos each month in our How Do You KJ posts, so keep 'em coming!
opportunities to serve
We have several opportunities to serve throughout the year, including donating to events, recycling swimmers, and working with Charity Vision. This year, we had the opportunity to go to the Philippines to help hundreds of children, teens, and adults get much needed eye surgeries, glasses, and cleft palette surgeries. Things like this are reminders of what's truly important and they make us grateful to have all that we do.
jammin' music
We're thankful for music that keeps us going! We always get more done with our office jams! It makes each day better when we mix it up with everyone's music choices, get moving, and spark our creative flow. What music is inspiring you these days?
10 Things We're Grateful For - swimmers for all
Last, but certainly not least, we're grateful for swimmers for all! Since the beginning, we've been striving to find the best fit for all body types, all style preferences, and all stages of life. As we continue to grow we will include even more and we can't wait to see what the future brings!
We're feeling really grateful for everything at Kortni Jeane today! Now it's your turn. What would you say are the top ten things that have brought you joy this year? We love hearing your perspectives. May you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!
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