How Do You KJ 🦄 November 2019

How Do You KJ 🦄 November 2019 - Kortni Jeane
There's so much to be thankful for this time of year, but this month we're especially thankful for all of YOU! Seeing you rock your swimmers lights up our lives every day and we couldn't ask for a more supportive group of people to share our holiday festivities with! Here are just a few of the many photos that made us smile this month:
We had no doubt that Classic Cheetah would be the #1 favorite of The Limitless Collection. It's a year-round staple and we just can't get enough! @danetab's family has our hearts and we loved every photo from their family vacation in the Riviera Maya.
Sisters or twins? 😍 @prettylifegirls matching Tulip swimmers are poppin! It's no longer pool weather here in Utah, so it's time for us to start planning our warm getaways! We hope you all have fun plans to visit somewhere sunny this Winter.
@positivelypearson's lineup is on point! Matching hats, matching bows, and matching swimmers! We couldn't ask for a better assembly!
@asekyb planned the CUTEST 1st birthday party for her little girl and we just can't get over this perfect smash cake! She's wearing the baby Skirted One-Piece in Ribbed White and it honestly goes perfectly with the decor AND the cake! Anyone jealous this isn't as acceptable for adults?  🙈
@helloandreamaya and her boys vacationed in Oahu and soaked up the sun and sand. Our favorite thing? Mini men in Cheetah print! I mean, who could resist?
It's still warm in Florida, so @growingwiththegrahams and her family headed to a beach they'd never been to before for a weekend adventure. Creating memories like this is what we're all about!
This duo  😭. Beach life with @alliemboss and family couldn't get any sweeter. Sometimes there's nothing better than learning from kids what life's all about. These two seem to have it figured out -- style, swimming, and siblings.
Mommy + mini matches never get old! @soelsister and her mini soaked up the last hottest days in Arizona in their Abstract Dot swimmers. Days like this are meant to be!
What do you all have planned for the holidays? We hope it involves putting on some swimmers, whether it's a quick dip in the hot tub or heading to a beach vacation. And before you go, here's a tip. If you're looking for the best suit to gift a friend or family member, check out our gift guides! We have suggestions for several difference types of women, whether they're a new mom, self-care guru, or traveler. Wishing you the best of the best!
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