Swinging into Summer with The Jungle Collection!

Swinging into Summer with The Jungle Collection! - Kortni Jeane

The Jungle Collection Product Shoot

Who's got the travel bug? We're taking you to the jungle this summer with our new Jungle Collection! Our newest swimmers are full of greens, tigers, and rainbows galore! They're making us all crave a little tropical traveling! Seeing our new swimmers on the models was a dream come true. After weeks of fawning over the samples on the hangers, we finally got to see this collection come to life on our product shoot day, and boy oh boy, it was a blast!

Kortni Jeane baby models

Even with the rain pouring down outside, it was summer inside the KJ offices as we dressed up our models for tropical adventures. We worked with our fabulous mini, youth, and women models for this shoot day and welcomed several darling new models that blew us away! Best of all, Vinni made his debut as our first baby model along with his adorable cousin. Their modeling careers have already started at five months old and we sure weren't prepared for the cuteness overload!

Kortni Jeane mini models

Like all of our photoshoots, we absolutely love playing dress-up with all of our special accessories. This time around, some of our favorites were the straw hats and visors that gave us a safari feel and our new sunglasses from ZeroUV. We were all obsessed with the pointed colorful sunnies that they sent us that looked like they were straight out of a 90's Romcom! Read more about the behind the scenes of our product shoots to find out where we get our favorite accessories so that you can dress up your swimmer!

Kortni Jeane Jungle Collection product shoot

 Photoshoot days are always wild over here! With sandwiches, fruits & veggies, and plenty of popcorn, we made product shoot day a party for the whole team. The best part is always getting to know all of the models. We have models that have worked with us for years as well as models that are brand new. It's incredible how gorgeous these ladies are inside and out. They'll strike up conversations with us, ask to follow us on Instagram, and make us feel like pure gold! When the day is done, we always remember how sweet they are and how much fun we had getting to know them all.

Kortni Jeane youth models

The Jungle Collection is inspiring us to travel and soak up the sun! From Ocean Depths Blue to Whimsical Floral, these new colors and patterns are bringing us all of the Jungle feels. Here at Kortni Jeane we also know that the perfect vacation is never complete without the perfect swimmer, so that's why we have SO many options for you to choose from! As summer approaches, we're bringing you swimmers for every occasion. Whether you're hiking to a hidden waterfall in Hawaii or diving deep into the ocean in the Bahamas, there's a swimmer that will take you there. With names like "Ocean Depths Blue" and "Mint Bowls," our patterns are saying it all! It's time to plan your next vacation to somewhere you've been dreaming of. It's time to get out of the house and swim with your kids. Take the day off to go boating with your friends!

Kortni Jeane Jungle Collection product shoot

With endless mix 'n match options, we're dying to know your new favorite combo! Comment down below what your dream swimmer combo is from The Jungle Collection and follow along with us @kortnijeane to see what other fun prints we have coming. These gorgeous colors and patterns are IN this spring and summer, and we're so excited to see all of the photos you're tagging @kortnijeane and hashtagging #kortnijeaneswimmers!


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  • Steve R Masteller on

    Really like the straw hats too.

  • Steve R Masteller on

    I like these. I am not sure why. But, my preferred combination seems to be a print top with solid bottoms.

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