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#KJfieldtrip at Little Terra

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#KJfieldtrip at Little Terra Provo

#KJfieldtrip at Little Terra Provo

Have you guys heard of Little Terra Provo? It's the cutest place where you create your own terrarium every step of the way! Little Terra invited us to take a field trip with them and we couldn't resist a chance to bring a little more summer into the KJ offices with these darling plants! We get really excited for our field trips because it's a chance to get to know the team better, explore local businesses in Provo, and learn new skills. We love getting to know our city and supporting local businesses because there's something so special about meeting business owners and seeing their vision. Of course we love spending time with all of the amazing ladies on our team and taking a little break from work to chat about everything under the sun.

#KJfieldtrip with Little Terra

First, Little Terra treated us to a lunch at The Crepery. We tried all the delicious sweet and savory crepes they had to offer and it was definitely a treat! We then headed to Little Terra to begin our terrarium class. They have the most darling setup, complete with mini shovels, paintbrushes, and all the things you could dream of to make your potted plant perfect. For our team, we chose the baby tears option so that we could each make a small terrarium for our desks or our homes. 

#KJfieldtrip with Little Terra

Each of us started by choosing a vase which came in a variety of shapes and sizes. Then, we chose a plant to put inside. They had succulents, air plants, and greenery to choose from, all with their own flare of color and quirky shapes. Next, it was time to build the terrariums. Marina, who co-owns the business with her husband Roger, led our team in the steps to building a beautiful and healthy terrarium. We started by choosing our favorite color of pebbles to place in the bottom. We then placed a bit of charcoal in the center to keep bacteria from growing in the planters, something none of us would've known to do! Then, after placing our chosen plants in the soil, it was time to decorate! We had pebbles, shells, moss, and many other extras to choose from to make each of our terrariums personalized.

#KJfieldtrip with Little Terra

Going into this we had no idea everyone's would look so different in the end, but it was so exciting to see how unique everyone's creations turned out! This was truly the best way to celebrate Earth Day, which is April 22nd. Last, but certainly not least, Little Terra is offering a discount for all of you! If you mention our hashtag #KJfieldtrip until the end of April, they will give you a "Random Spring Days" discount, ranging from 10-30% off. Check out their website for more information and follow along with them on Instagram for inspiration for your own terrarium. Whether you're taking your girlfriends out for a night of fun or planning a group date, Little Terra is the perfect place!

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