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How Do You KJ December 🦄 Best Photos of 2019

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It's been an amazing year full of our favorite pattern combinations yet! The Fruity Collection, The Jungle Line, The Stars + Stripes Collection, The Basic Collection, our Wholesale line, and finally The Limitless Collection! WOW what a year! 2019 consisted of new style releases, sales galore, and surprises out our ears! We've received hundreds of photos and each and every one makes us jump for joy! This year, we've saved the best for last! It was hard to narrow down, but we chose our favorite photos of 2019 to end this year with a bang!  💥 With each photo comes a story. Are you ready for all of these happy vibes?

How Do You KJ December - Best Photos of 2019

You know us well by now! Nothing is cuter than little ladies matching in their swimmers! Janene and her family brought the tropical weather all the way to Utah for us with this darling photo! Their Tulips are meant to be with those matching flowers in the back! I see a warm weather vacation in our near future now. 🔮

How Do You KJ December - Best Photos of 2019

These two gorgeous moms took Florida on with the kids to meet up for the first time. From online friends to real-life besties, their friendship was off to a great start from the beginning because of their love for KJ swimmers! The full story is on @katyroseprichard's post here -- proof that social media really can be a way to make some forever friendships.

How Do You KJ December - Best Photos of 2019

This mother-daughter bonding trip was off to a great start with matching swimmers! Sydney and her mini girl headed to Carlsbad California to soak up the sunshine and waves before fall came in full force. A day with roller-blades, cotton-candy, and swimmers is just what the doctor called for!

How Do You KJ December - Best Photos of 2019

Families that go to the beach together stay together 🙌🏻 With matching suits, you can spot your little ones from a mile away. Swimmers should be a whole family affair, and @ktmaymccord did it right! These dreamy white sands in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida are making us want to lie in the sand all day long.

How Do You KJ December - Best Photos of 2019

If you could get all of your favorite ladies together for a day at the beach who would you bring? Meredith got together with a group of incredibly strong women to celebrate motherhood, body positivity, and womanhood. Each and every one of these women fight to bring positivity to social media platforms and change the world one step at a time. They reminded us that no matter who we are, we are worthy and we are enough! Read more about her message here and be prepared to be inspired!

How Do You KJ December - Best Photos of 2019

Bear Lake Utah in August is simply gorgeous! Haleigh headed to a creative retreat there and captured summer perfectly! As a mom of two, she shared her experience getting back into a positive mindset about her body. She rocked our Netted Sweetheart top which made her feel "covered but CUTE!" and we couldn't agree more! We couldn't think of a better swimmer for boating so that those lake days can be worry-free!

How Do You KJ December - Best Photos of 2019

There's something about Fathers and their babies that tugs on our heartstrings. Maybe it's the size difference? Or the fact that we know they'd do anything for them? Or maybe, just maybe it's the tiniest baby swimmer that we can't resist? We featured this photo on Father's Day and have to thank @ariellemae and @graceoliverphotography for capturing this precious moment.

How Do You KJ December - Best Photos of 2019

Sisters sisters

there were never such devoted sisters 🎶

These are the exact face we'd make if we were headed to Disneyland for the weekend! These two are ladies after our own hearts! We only wish we lived as close as they do!

How Do You KJ December - Best Photos of 2019

Amy sported her swimmer all throughout her pregnancy and loved how supportive the Tied-Up top was with her Maternity bottoms. Now that her baby boy has arrived, the top is nursing friendly and the bottoms can be used for her early postpartum days. She's a beauty and an inspiration to us all!

How Do You KJ December - Best Photos of 2019

This is C H I L D H O O D ! @tarahsweeney thank you for capturing this perfect moment! Who else did this as a child? Holding hands with your siblings and jumping into the water hoping that everyone would follow through on the count of three. Tarah's whole family soaked up their extended summer in San Diego in matching swimmers (puppers included)! They couldn't let summer pass them by without a big splash! 

Now it's almost 2020 and we're not too sad about it because we've got so much planned for this coming year! Are you as excited as we are to see everything coming? We'll see you next year! 👋🏻

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