Up Close Look: Maternity Swimmers

Up Close Look: Maternity Swimmers - Kortni Jeane

Up Close Look: Maternity SwimmersUp Close Look: Maternity SwimmersWhat do we love more than summer? Our darling expecting mamas, of course! We get so many questions about which swimmers will fit our expecting mothers during their pregnancy, and today we’ve got those answers! Follow along as we go through how to get the right fit for each trimester, which tops + bottoms will work best for you, and which one-pieces will help you rock your cute bump!Maternity BottomsMaternity BottomsThe stellar thing about our maternity bottoms is that they are made to fit like your regular size. If you’re a small when you’re not expecting, you’ll typically still be a small in maternity bottoms. Kortni designed these bottoms to stretch with you as you grow. Each maternity bottom has elastic around the waist and gathered fabric down the front that accommodates your belly during each stage of pregnancy. Bottoms may fit a little bit looser at first, but this shouldn’t be too noticeable as the gatherings are designed to fit even during the first trimester. If you’re still nervous about maternity bottoms being too big during your first trimester, we suggest wearing regular bottoms + sizing up. Either way, we seriously die every single time we see darling mamas-to-be in our swimmers! 

 Best Tops With a BumpBest Tops With a BumpBest Tops With a Bump

We have so many crop tops to pair with your darling maternity bottoms! For all stages of your pregnancy, we recommend our Oversized Ruffle, Swing, Tied-Up, V’D Crop, and V-Neck tops! All of these styles have the perfect length for your darling bump, are stretchy, and provide a lot of comfort. So you can still mix n' match to your heart's desire, no matter the stage of life you are in!Maternity Friendly One-PiecesMaternity Friendly One-Pieces

Now let’s talk one-pieces. If you’re dying to wear a one-piece swimmer to rock your baby bump, we recommend all of our styles at different stages of pregnancy. The High-Waist One-Piece is the best style to wear throughout your pregnancy. For the first trimester, go ahead and snag your regular sizing. However, we suggest sizing up at least one size for your second and third trimesters. 
If you’re as obsessed with the Skirted One-Piece as we are, you’re in luck! This style works well for pregnant mothers and is super flattering to show off your bump. Similar to the High-Waisted One-Piece, we recommend wearing your typical size for the first trimester and then sizing up for the second and third. 
For our final and newest option, mamas-to-be can “sport” one more one-piece during their wonderful pregnancy. Our Sporty One-Piece is a great option to show off your bump, but may only stretch enough for your first and second trimesters. The best part about this style for pregnant mommy’s is that the straps can be adjusted as you grow! Any style you choose, our one-piece swimmers are here for you!
Best Postpartum Bottoms

Best Postpartum BottomsSo after you’ve rocked all those trimesters, then what swimmers should you wear? For your postpartum swimming days, you can start with our maternity bottom swimmers. These will fit at first and you can size up from your regular size if you need to. However, our most flattering bottoms for postpartum mommy’s are the Ruched, Tie-Up-Front, and Peplum bottoms. Ruched bottoms are our #1 favorite after c-sections but are great for all postpartum days!  Now for when it’s time for nursing, we recommend our Swing, Tied-Up, Ruffled Around, and V-Neck tops. These top choices are great for postpartum mamas and are tops that grow with you as your bust size gets bigger. See more details about our nursing friendly tops here. No matter what you choose, our tops have got you covered for every stage of your pregnancy. 

It’s important to us to have swimmers for our expectant mamas through all stages of the maternity journey! And we LOVE it when we see #kortnijeanematernity on you! Tag us in your maternity swimmer pics and comment below if you have anymore questions or comments. 
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