1 Top, 4 Ways: The Ruffled Around Top

1 Top, 4 Ways: The Ruffled Around Top - Kortni Jeane
If you're a fashionista like us, you get bored of the same look every day, especially when it comes to swimsuits that aren't easily changeable. Our Ruffled Around Top is truly the most versatile swimsuit top. We've got 4 easy ways to style it that are perfect for changing up your look without needing any accessories. 
We've created this short video to show you how:
Now give these a try and find your favorite look for our Ruffled Around top!
1) On the shoulder - A classic, stylish look for this season. We've seen it worn as a top for days out paired with a skirt or favorite pair of jeans. It's incredibly comfortable and covers your shoulders while still letting you move you arms easily. 
2) Off the shoulder - Try this one for a simple chic look. It's flattering on all figures and once you've tried it, you'll want to wear it every day. 
3) The one shoulder - This look is trendy and fabulous. You'll have loads of people asking where you got your unique swimsuit. 
4) The bandeau top - The best part about this is having complete freedom to move your arms. Trust me, for girls that's a miracle. The bandeau top paired with a maxi skirt is perfect for a day of shopping and hanging out on the beach. 
Now we'd like to know, how do you wear your Kortni Jeane swimmer? There's countless ways to style them and we love to see your creativity! Tag us on Instagram @kortnijeane  to show us what your favorite way to wear the Ruffled Around top
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