Why Summer is Good for You

Why Summer is Good for You - Kortni Jeane
Although we live an endless summer here at KJ, we can’t get enough of that sunshine, swimmers, and soda! We hope you’re celebrating the best season of the year by putting on your swimmer! On top of being the funnest party of the year, sunny skies and warm temps provide many benefits to our health and wellbeing! So join us today to see how summer is good for you and how you can take advantage of the summer months! 
☀️More Vitamin D 
As you know, more access to the sun means more Vitamin D! Why do we need more Vitamin D you ask? It raises energy levels and makes us feel happier! We lack this important vitamin when the sun is not shining as brightly, so don’t hesitate to get out in the sun! Vitamin D fights osteoporosis, cancer, muscle weakness, and depression over time too. Go outside whenever you can by playing in the backyard with your kids, sitting on the patio with a good book, or simply enjoying the sun’s rays on your face. 
☀️More Swimming
Are we even Kortni Jeane if we don’t talk about swimming?! There’s no better time than the warm months of summer to take advantage of swimming in the ocean, at pools, lakes, rivers, or shredding down a slip n’ slide! Playing in the water is fun, feels refreshing, makes you smile, and even helps you get that summer tan! Overall, swimming just makes you feel happier!
☀️More People Together
Summer means spending more time with the people you love! No matter the activity, time spent with loved ones builds self-esteem, encourages open communication, helps meet emotional needs of attention and affection, and helps you recharge your batteries. If your loved ones have a positive impact on you, invite friends and family over for a barbecue, on a vacation, or to the local pool! 
☀️More Time For Yourself
The world seems to slow down when kids are out of school and families are off taking vacation. With the ease of the summer months, take time for yourself! Talk calming walks, meditate under the sun or reflect on the past few months. Go to the pool by yourself and enjoy the refreshing water. Or if you’re leaning towards an indoor activity, consider playing music, making art, or completing a puzzle! Take advantage of the relaxed nature of summer and find little ways to slow down and de-stress. You deserve it and need it. 
☀️More Fruit
The hotter it gets outside, the more fruits you’ll see! Summer fruits are so refreshing during those warm days under the sun and have tons of benefits! Along with great flavor, summer fruits are bursting with antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and fiber! We’re talking watermelon, berries, cherries, and peaches – they’re the best snack after a day of water adventures so don’t hesitate to work them into your day for a refreshing treat!
☀️More Activity
Summer is the perfect time to get that beautiful body moving! Not only do summer clothes give you the relief of feeling overheated and the feel-good effect of sunlight boosts our enthusiasm to get active! By getting your body moving this summer you’ll see improved flow of oxygen to the brain, lowering stress levels, and better concentration! Plus, a good sweat can be a great detox as long as you’re drinking water to rehydrate afterwards!
☀️More Water
Spending more time outside at the beach, pool, or park means drinking a lot more water! If you struggle to drink water throughout the year, summer is the time to shine! Sunshine causes you to sweat, making you lose water + electrolytes faster than you normally would, which is why you feel even more thirsty during the summer months! So treat yourself to a fun tumbler or water bottle and drink that water! 
☀️More Sleep
Longer days with sunlight means better sleep! Waking up to the sun and getting early-morning light helps anyone struggling with insomnia or other sleep disorders. Sunlight in general helps the body’s internal biological clock reset itself so be sure to  expose yourself to sunlight between 7:00 and 9:00am each morning. This will help if you can’t sleep at night. {Although, we admit that we love a good late-night swim and ice cream during the summer!}
☀️More Vacations
Summer break means more time to take a vacation, whether that’s abroad, across a state, or in your own town. Not using your rightly earned vacation days means more burnout and stress – thank goodness for summer! Taking full advantage of vacations means improved mental health, increased productivity, and even improved relationships! Definitely make a point to go on vacation during the summer months!
☀️More Time for Therapy
Working with a therapist in the summer can be very beneficial! They can offer suggestions for how to take advantage of the summer months so you’re better prepared for the coming winter months. Plus, they can help with things that the sun can’t fix {yes, yes, even we can admit that there are things the sun cannot fix, very few things 😉}. Therapy is a great way to work through issues of self-esteem, help you learn life-long coping skills, and help you feel better about all you’re experiencing in life. Don’t hesitate to give it a whirl if you’ve never attended a therapy session before! You may love it! 
We definitely live an endless summer over here at Kortni Jeane because summer is the best! There is always an excuse to throw on a swimmer, play with loved ones, and enjoy refreshing fruits and a drink in hand! Take advantage of this sunlight + heat to enjoy the benefits of summer! You won’t regret it and you won’t want it to end! What other benefits of summer can you add to our list? Drop your ideas in the comments below!
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