Ways to Save Money on Gas

Ways to Save Money on Gas - Kortni Jeane
Picture this: you’ve enjoyed a few fun days driving between local pools and family bbqs when you notice your gas meter is running low. You think, “no problem!” as you pull off to the nearest gas station! But then your summer fun is made miserable as you watch the counter flip past $40, then $50, and then it keeps going! 😱 We’ve got you covered with tips + tricks to save $$ on gas so you can continue to enjoy those summer days under the sun! 
Use Apps to Find the Cheapest Gas
Don’t you hate it when you buy gas at one place and then come across a gas station with cheaper fuel down the street? Lucky for us, there are many websites and apps that will fill you in on the gas prices in your area. Upside, GasBuddy, and Waze are popular options that you could play around with. There are many resources available to help you save money this summer.
Join a Fuel Rewards Program
Many gas station chains and grocery stores offer gas rewards programs so that you’ll become a loyal customer! Can’t say no to that if it helps you save $$! Make sure you know each rewards program well since they all have their own set of rules on how much you can save and what you have to spend to get those rewards. But overall, it’s an easy way to save up to 25 cents per gallon or more!
Use a Reward Credit Card
Did you know that there are Credit Cards that pay you cash back or allow you to earn reward points when you purchase gas?! This is a great way to earn money back while having to spend money. Just a friendly reminder to know exactly what you’re getting into before opening a reward credit card though! And be sure to pay charges off in full each month so you don’t end up paying more for gas purchases!
Share Rides
One great way to save money on gas is to split the cost with a fellow traveler! For example, if you live near a co-worker and have similar schedules, take turns driving so you can all drive less each week. Or you can organize a carpool with neighbors and friends to transport kids to school or activities, and swap driving duties as you can. It’s always nice to split a fuel payment so find those friends who want to save $$ too!
Plan Routes
Whether you’re working, running errands, or driving kids around to their various activities, plan your trips in efficient ways to reduce drive time. If the grocery store is near your job, do your shopping after work rather than driving back over the   weekend. Or run your errands all in one day instead of making several trips on multiple days. Cutting a few miles several times a week will save a fill-up or two. 
Reduce Idle Time
Whether you’re waiting at a drive-thru or for kids to get into their seats, idling wastes gas and causes more air pollution. Try not starting the car until you're ready to go. Or instead of waiting in the drive-thru, get out, stretch your legs, and order your drink or food from the lobby. It may be easier as a mama to go through the drive-thru but don’t hesitate to make it a whole outing if it’ll save you some $$. Every little bit helps.
Accelerate Slowly + Coast More
Generally the faster you accelerate, the more gas you use! So start making it a habit to be gentle on that pedal whenever you’re speeding up, especially when you’re jumping on the highway. You’ll also get better mileage by coasting more, so look ahead for stops and turns. Try taking your foot off the gas a bit sooner and slowly glide to a stop. This actually works and will help each fill go just that much further.
Slow Down
Not the easiest habit to practice, but following the speed limit can pay off in more ways than you might think! The faster you drive, the more wind resistance you face, which reduces your fuel economy. So slow your motors, take it easy when you drive, and enjoy the journey from beach A to beach B. You’ll find you're even less stressed between trips and we promise you’ll get to where you need to go!
Lighten Your Car
This may blow your mind… the less you have weighing down your vehicle, the better gas mileage it gets. Look at what you’ve got in your car and remove anything you don’t need. The neglected sports equipment, the stroller you won’t need for this particular trip, or the junk you just can’t seem to find a place for. You’ll love keeping your ride clutter free anyway! It’s a win-win!
Walk or Ride Bikes
Our last and best tip for saving money on gas is by walking to your destination (if possible) or by riding your bike! Some locations are nearby and can easily be reached by foot or biking (or by one of those fancy rental scooters we’ve seen around town). There are plenty of alternatives for any place that’s not too far away so don’t hesitate to walk over to the grocery store for a few things or to ride bikes over to your friends' bbq. 
So what do you think? We know gas prices are on the up and up, but that doesn’t mean they have to ruin your summer! Start with one or two of these tips to see how it goes and watch yourself save a buck or two. Then once you’re comfortable, start implementing more of these tips and see how you save! Then get yourself to the beach for some water fun! Do you have any other tips that we forgot to mention? Drop your ideas in the comments below! 
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