12 Tips for Traveling on a Budget

12 Tips for Traveling on a Budget - Kortni Jeane
Sign us up for a tropical vacation!🌴We’re all for having seasons but always opt for a little vitamin D and sand between our toes! Do you travel as much as you would like to?! We personally feel like one of the biggest hurdles to traveling is the $$$! So today we’re coming at you with 12 tips for traveling on a budget so you can overcome that hurdle and explore the world without any worries! Take a look and make it happen!
1. Choose the Right Destinations
If you’ve ever traveled, you know that some places are naturally more expensive or cheaper than where you live. When you’re traveling on a budget, we recommend doing your research on places that are cheap, easy to get to, have a lower cost of living, or where the currency gets you good value because of the exchange rate. 
2. Avoid Tourist Traps
Fun fact: big cities and hot spots are usually a lot more expensive! When you’re trying to save money but still want to travel, choose less well-known destinations. Whether it’s a hidden gem in Europe or a little town you saw in a movie, you’ll love traveling to new places without a lot of tourists. Even at your destination, try avoiding restaurants on the main strip. Food down a sidewalk is going to be better AND cheaper! 
3. Travel Off-Season
Some of the best trips are taken during the off-season! Sure, the weather may not be ideal for some days, but your chosen destination will be a lot less busy and crowded, which is always a plus! Not only will you save $$ but you’ll have  the place all to yourself! All in all, it’s a win-win!
4. Book in Advance
It’s cheaper and less stressful to book things like transportation, accommodations, or activities ahead of time! When you get down to the wire or are making reservations at the last minute, most places will charge you more (probably because they know you’re desperate). Make a plan and book things in advance to keep your prices a lot lower! 
5. Be Spontaneous
Sometimes traveling with spontaneity really helps you to save some moolah! For example, you save money when you book with local owners or homestays. Some of the best accommodations aren’t advertised online and you can save money when you go beyond typical traveling companies. So get outside of your comfort zone and be spontaneous when you’re looking to travel on a budget. 
6. Fly Mid-Week
Did you know that flights are more expensive on weekends?! Something to do with people typically traveling with more free time during holidays and weekends. So if you’re looking to save, try to fly between Tuesday - Thursday if you can! You’ll find the airports to be a little less crowded typically too, which is always a good thing!
7. Pack Well & Light
Always pack light when you don’t want to pay for a checked bag! Trust us, you probably won’t wear half the clothes you take so why pay for more than you  need?! But if you forget something, it may cost you money to buy that missing item when you arrive at your destination. So be thorough and honest with yourself while packing so you stay light and remember everything you need. Pro tip: use swim tops as out & about tops too! Gotta love a two-for-one!
8. Share Accommodations
Have you ever stayed in a hostel or invited friends to make your trip cheaper?! That’s a great way to go! You’ll save tons of money if you’re willing to share your accommodations and it’s a great way to get to know people better! You can even try out couchsurfing and meet locals all over the world! Just make sure you stay safe and choose people with consistently good reviews. 
9. Travel Overnight
When you have a long journey ahead of you, one way to save $$$ is to travel overnight. Traveling at night saves you the cost of accommodation for that night and you don’t have to waste any day time traveling - giving you more time to explore your new destination! Raise of hands for anyone who’s saved money by spending the night at the airport! Oh, just us??
10. Search for Free Things to Do
Once you’ve decided on your destination, give it a light Google and find free things to do in the areas you’ll be visiting. It could be museums on certain days, local events, free walking tours, or just about anything. Just remember that it’s customary to tip at the end if anyone is helping you throughout these free activities. 
11. Avoid Eating Out All the Time
When traveling on a budget, try shopping at the supermarket and cooking for yourself! It’s so tempting to eat out for every meal when you’re on vacation, but a great way to save $$ is to grocery shop like a local and prepare your own food. You can work some local delicacies into your budget alongside cooking for yourself. 
12. Decide on & Stick to Your Budget
Almost every destination in the world can be traveled on a low budget. There are free things to do, cheap but safe accommodations, and great experiences that don’t cost too much. Manage your expectations of how many expensive activities you can do or how often you can eat out. Once you’ve decided on your budget, stick to it so you’re not stressed before, on, or after your travels.
Traveling is one of our favorite things to do and hope you all get the chance to see the places you’ve been dreaming of! When you spend less on your adventures, you have the money to spend on another and then another, and then another! Even if you’re traveling to an expensive destination, remember these tips to help cut down some of those expenses. And most importantly, have a great time experiencing new places, meeting new people, eating new foods, and swimming in dreamy waters! 
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