Wetbag Uses for Summer

Wetbag Uses for Summer - Kortni Jeane
Our wetbags are made to make your life easier, no matter the adventure! These bad boys are the ultimate summer accessory and have you covered no matter where you go or what you need to bring along. They’re small enough to throw into a bag or use the attached handle to carry on its own! Today we’re coming at you with our favorite wetbag uses during our favorite season of summer. Check these out!
- Sunscreen (keep things from exploding all over your bag)
- Wet Swimsuits (avoid getting the rest of your things wet)
- Phones + Electronics (keep your expensive gadgets dry at the beach or the pool)
- Wallet + Keys (it’s like carrying around a summer, waterproof clutch)
- Lotions + Liquids (summer air travel just became a lot easier)
- Cosmetics (a compact carrier for all the makeup you’ll need)
- Snacks (can’t leave the house without your favorite bites)
- Dirty Clothes (baby have a blow out? Throw the mess into the wetbag til you get home)
- Stain Stick (take it with you wherever you go, you never know when a spill will come)
- Wrappers + Waste (throw rubbish in your wetbag till you find a garbage can)
- Pens + Paper (have a pen & something to write on when you need it)
- Card Games (bring entertainment along for the ride)
- Reusable Utensils + Straws (take care of our earth by carrying these with you)
- Extra Clothes (keep your change of clothes dry in the wetbag)
- Wipes + Diapers (stay prepared even if you don’t need a whole diaper bag)
- Beach Toys (whether it’s little shovels or mini frisbees, bring toys with you)
- Odds & Ends (fill your wetbag with whatever you need throughout your summer days)
There you have it! A waterproof bag with a handle, making it easy to carry and transparent material so you can find your things quickly. They’re easy to wipe clean and sport a Kortni Jeane pouch that you’ll love! Our wetbag is the perfect pouch to throw all your lotions and potions in without the worry of them ruining everything. You’ll have all your things organized for summer with a wetbag or two! With multiple colors available, how fast can your fingers snag these beauties? Bring on the sunshine!
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