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We wait all year long for our summer sunshine, ready to enjoy beach days and playing at the pool. Picture this: you’re decked out in your matching family swimsuits, enjoying the cool water on a warm summer day… and fifteen minutes into swimming, your littles tell you they’re bored. Have no fear, we have just the thing! Today we’re coming at you with pool games to entertain your kids or adults, both in big groups and small! Check these out and get ready to have some fun in the pool! 
Secret Messages
This pool game can be played above water, underwater, by the stairs, or in the deep end. Start by choosing someone to say a word or two and another person to be the guesser. Go underwater at the same time and say the water loudly (or mouth it above water if your little one isn’t ready to go underwater). When you come back up, have the guesser say what word they think the person said. You could choose themes like fruits, colors, or animals. Make it a fun group game by passing the message between multiple people before the last person guesses. 
Timed Dives
Diving toys are always a good idea! All you have to do is throw all your dive toys in the water and let them sink to the bottom of the pool. Then, send one or multiple players out to gather them all up. If you have a competitive group like we usually do, time each player so they can try to beat each other’s best times. To really level up, throw the toys into the deep end of the pool and have your whole group work together as a team to see how quickly they can collect everything.  
Pool Tea Party
You may need goggles and the shallow end of the pool for this game! Tea party is enjoyed at the bottom of the pool with your eyes wide open! Take a big breath in, dive under the water, and sit crisscross applesauce at the bottom of the pool. Once you’re there, pretend to sip from your invisible teacup and see how silly everyone is trying to stay down at the bottom of the pool! Pro-tip: if you need help getting to the bottom, hold hands with your whole tea party! 
Following the Leader
Everyone loves the chance to be the leader! This classic game is oh so fun in the water. All you need is one leader who will swim around the pool, do certain spins, or dive down for a handstand. The rest of the players try to repeat the same course in the same order. Switch leaders for each round to give everyone a turn and consider keeping it age appropriate if not all players are great swimmers or are wearing puddle jumpers. This one can get wild if you’re playing with all adults! 
Catch it!
Say hello to the thrill of jumping into the pool AND catching something at the same time! This is a great game for kids, adults, and dogs! All you need is some kind of ball to throw and enough room to jump into the pool. It would also be helpful if the pool was deep enough for jumping so nobody gets hurt. Have one person be the pitcher, and throw the ball into the air in front of the catcher. The catchers will stand at the edge of the pool, jump in the pool, and catch it before splashing into the water! Your catchers can be creative with leaps, tricks, or flips and don’t hesitate to jump off a diving board if you’ve got access to one! Jumping higher and farther really adds to the fun! 
Rubber Ducky Race
This is the most adorable game you’ll ever play in the pool. It can be done with any floating item, but the rubber duckies sure are adorable! Have your players line up and each swimmer starts at one end of the pool with their rubber duck. The purpose of the game is to get your rubber duck to the other side of the pool – without using your hands. Your kids can blow them, push them with their forehead/nose, carry ducks on their back/head, or any creative way to get their ducks from start to finish. And get this… other players can splash water or try to knock other ducks off course! The first one to the end of the pool wins their choice of popsicle! 
Invisible Bottle
Did you hear?! If you fill a clear 2-liter bottle with pool water, it will practically disappear underwater! Bet you can see where we’re going with this! Find a clear plastic 2-liter bottle with a clear or white cap. Then, fill it with pool water and have everyone stand on the deck with their backs to the pool. Throw the bottle into the water, let it sink, and shout GO! Everyone can then turn around, jump into the pool, and try to be the first person to find the bottle. Winner gets the first ice cream cone of the group! 
Sharks + Minnows
Can’t have a list of pool games without Sharks + Minnows! This is our favorite game for a large group of people and is great for all swimming levels. Start with one shark in the middle of the pool. Give the shark boundaries they cannot cross to get the minnows (if needed). The rest of your players (the minnows) line up along one side of the pool. When the shark says GO! all of the minnows have to try to make it to the other side of the pool without getting tagged by the shark. But that’s not all… anyone who is tagged by the shark becomes another shark! The last minnow standing, if there are any, wins! This classic never gets old and can be played in the deep end for advanced swimmers. 
We saved the best pool game for last! We LOVE playing Mermaids, especially when we’re decked out in our prettiest Kortni Jeane combos! And if you have guys joining you, you can call it mer-people! Start by telling each other what your mermaid fin looks like then get ready to swim with your feet together all around the pool! You could also invest in fancy mermaid tails if you want but imaginations work just fine!
Say goodbye to boredom at the pool! These ten pool games are the best of the best and we can’t wait to play them all summer long. Honestly, with so many indoor pools around we could play them all YEAR long. Which game will you try next? Tag us when you play so we can join in on the fun!
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