30 of My Favorite Things

30 of My Favorite Things - Kortni Jeane
I’m celebrating my 30th birthday! That’s right, I’m the big flirty (only with my best guy Nico), thirty and thriving! And if you’ve been following along for a while you know I love sharing my favorite things with you, whether it’s mama must-haves, new clothes, or drink combinations. What better way to celebrate my 30th birthday than to share 30 of my favorite things! Each of these are tried and true favorites and hope you’ll add them to your next birthday wishlist!
1. Fawn Design - To say I’m obsessed with Fawn Design would be an understatement! My latest favorite is the Cinch Backpack, a wear-with-everything size that’s easy to throw on for running errands, a night out, and for any adventure, big or small. But you could splurge on anything really, everything’s amazing with Fawn Design! 
2. Made By Mary - Made by Mary is some of the only jewelry I wear but this Curb Chain is an absolute favorite! Every piece is stunning and the highest quality so it doesn’t irritate my skin like other jewelry would. I never have to take it off! (Yep, I shower and sleep with them on!) The best part is that each piece has its own unique story and they make the best gifts.
3. Cozy Earth - There is NO better feeling than crawling into bed after a long day and Cozy Earth sheets make it an  absolute dream! They’re honestly heavenly. ☁️   We’ve been cozying up in these sheets for years now and they are just as great, day after day! They help regulate your temperature (a lifesaver for couples) and last for years to come!
4. Stain Stick - Magic in a stick! There isn’t a stain I’ve yet to see removed, including chlorine, salt, and sunscreen! I carry it with me everywhere for accidental spills, baby spit up + blow outs, dirt & grime, you name it! It’s made of all-natural ingredients and will take care of swimmers and just about everything you own! 
5. Pouch - Water resistant, washer/dryer friendly, come in 2 sizes, inside pocket, open wide, and stand upright! Our new Pouches will help you organize your sunscreen, wet swimmers, pool toys,  and more! So good you’ll be using them on the daily right along with me!  
6. Crae Home - Everyone needs a cute hand towel to brighten up their space! I love adding a little Crae to my everyday lifestyle with these high-absorbent waffle weave microfiber towels.  I have a feeling you will too!
7. Saranoni - Saranoni has the coziest blankets EVER and has blankets for the whole family at every stage of life. You better believe you’ll be using them for movie nights, sick days, and  family snuggles for years to come. My all time favorite is the Lush blanket - it’s the bomb.com.
8. Baobei Bralettes - This is hands down the comfiest bra for lounging around the house and even works great for exercise. And trust me when I say they are not just for nursing or pregnancy! I’ve spent so much time finding the best bras and these are them! 
9. Shop Plain Jane - Not only are the robes a daily for me, but I highly recommend their PJs for all ages. Their fabric is buttery soft and the perfect length and fit for everyone. I’ve been using Shop Plain Jane for years and they still look brand new (even after a zillion washes)!  
10. Gathre - These are the best mats for all activities, including outdoor games, picnics, play, or even in the kitchen as a floor runner. And of course, they always look beautiful and long-lasting!
11. Promptly Journals - Promptly Journals are the best journals, whether they’re for specific things like recording your child’s first years or even simple thought journals. My latest favorites are the Connection Journals, designed to build thoughtful and fun connections between kids and spouses! Everyone needs at least one in their life! 
12. Swig order - A big ice cold soda sitting poolside is an ideal day in my opinion🥤💦  My go-to order: Diet Mountain Dew + coconut + fresh lime! Just insert your favorite soda and add coconut + fresh lime… trust me, you won’t regret it!
13. AM Salt - I can’t get enough of AM Salt! Say hello to a blend of flake kosher salt, herbs, and spices that is made free from any preservatives, gluten, sugar, msg, anti-caking agents or chemicals. So whether you’re a skill chef or an at home cook, you’ll love this nutritionally clean and flavorful blend. 
14. Stanley - While the 40oz. Adventure Quenchers are always in the spotlight, my favorite Stanley product is the 64oz. Iceflow Flip Straw Jug! It’s the best to bring poolside so you have enough water to stay hydrated! Plus when my family steals sips it lasts longer than 2 seconds. 
15. Wink - Pucker up because my next favorite thing is this little lip scrub! We are pretty rough on our lips, from licking them, matte lipsticks, spicy foods, you name it! I love using this lip scrub because it makes them smoother and softer. Talk about a spa day for your lips!  
16. Glacier Whitening - Like a lot of you, I want to look my best and feel 100 times more confident with Glacier Teeth Whitening. It’s easy to use, works like a dream, and is a safe way to brighten your smile. Don’t wait to try it yourself!   
17. Soon Skincare - Every lady needs this in their routine. These eye patches improve the  circulation under your eyes, keeping them hydrated and refreshed! I don’t know where I’d be without it! 
18. Better Days - I love anything that adds a little flare to my water, especially when they’re packed full of veggies and fruits! And Better Days supplements do not disappoint. They taste great and are a great and convenient way to get your vitamins in. They even have some caffeine mix-ins if you need a little kick at the start of the day!  
19. Herydration Mixhers - Speaking of tasty mix-ins, Mixhers Herhydration makes my water work harder! Packed with all-natural ingredients, Herhydration delivers electrolytes and potassium to your body to multiply the effects of plain water (without sugars or artificial additives). All their flavors are yummy and I can’t get enough of them. 
20. Yasso Ice Cream - You all know I’ve got a sweet tooth so are we even surprised I have ice cream on here?! Yasso offers game changing frozen greek yogurt bars that are all craveworthy! They’re creamy, delicious, and dare I say taste even better than ice cream! 
21. Dime - Say hello to the clean mineral sunscreen you’ve been looking for. Whether it’s for everyday use or summer, this is one of the best sunscreens I’ve ever found and you won’t see me reaching for much else. 
22. Primally Pure - If you haven’t jumped on the natural deodorant train yet, what are you waiting for? Primally Pure deodorant and other products are made from high quality, natural ingredients that  work like a charm. They’re constantly developing new kinds and I can’t get enough. Use code KORTNI for a 10% discount.
23. June Rings - You’ve probably seen the giveaways we’ve done with June Rings! These babies are beautiful, unique, quality, and definitely prized possessions! Plus, they’re ethically sourced and personalized to you! 
24. Loopy case - Once you give Loopy a whirl, you won’t turn back! Loopy Cases have been my go-to for years and for good reason! They’re cute, durable, and the easiest to hold onto when you’re on the go. Use code KORTNI10 to enjoy a 10% off discount!
25. Lennon - Take a looksie at these all natural, plant based Lennon products to support your  hair care needs. For anyone who’s ever struggled with hair loss, Lennon offers a bundle that makes a world of difference to hair growth and scalp health! You know how much I love a  clean and healthy product!
26. Comfort Cove - Comfort Cove has ribbed padded bras that are seriously the BEST! They are one size, so stretchy, have adjustable straps, and are oh so comfortable!  Seriously consider giving them a whirl if you haven’t yet. 
27. Gems by Laura - Get a load of the only summer accessory you’ll ever need. The Gems anklet collection is SO CUTE and you’ll want every single one of them! I dare you to browse through this collection and not want one of each style.
28. Summer Friday’s Lip Mask - This silky lip mask is what dreams are made of! I’m talking a vegan formula that hydrates and soothes parched lips in seconds. You can butter up right at bedtime for a nourishing overnight mask and feel like a new woman the next day.   
29. SPF Lip Balm - Mmmmm nothing beats a yummy lip balm that can moisturize your lips all year round! I love this SPF Lip Balm that’s made with organic jojoba oil, beeswax, essential oils and vitamin E oil. These all smell amazing and taste great too!
30. Kortni Jeane Swimmers!! - It’s time to share the addiction! Say hello to the most comfortable and confident boosting swimwear that you won’t want to take off! Don’t hesitate  to snatch up colors, prints, and styles that speak to you. Together we’ll all rule the pools and beaches!
There you have it! 30 of my favorite things! I hope you give some of them a try and end up loving them as much as me. Treat yourself (or hint at someone else to treat you) and comment below with what you would add to the lineup!


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