Organizing + Storing Your Swim Collection

Organizing + Storing Your Swim Collection - Kortni Jeane
Raise of hands if your personal swimsuit collection has grown this year and you’re running out  of storage ideas! 🙋🏼🙈 Where are we supposed to put our ever growing stash of high quality, head-turning, and unique swimsuits?! Well we’ve got a few ideas up our sleeves with a side of tips for storing your swimmers. Whether you’re done wearing it for the day or packing it away for a season, check out our recommendations for organizing + storing your swim collection. 


Even before putting your swimmer away, it is always a good idea to wash your suit first. We personally never store them for a whole season since there’s always an excuse to throw on a swimmer, but washing your swimsuit removes salt, sunscreen, and chlorine from lingering when you’re not wearing them. Keep in mind that without washing your  swimmers, they can develop an odor that stinks up your drawer or garment bags. Washing them after each use removes chemicals and odors and ensures that your swimsuit has a long life! Check out our How to Wash Your Swimmers post for more info on keeping your swimmers looking brand new for longer! Give them all a real good wash to ensure they look just as good when you’re ready for them again!
The best way to extend the life of your swimsuit is to minimize its exposure to extreme temps and humidity. Find a temperature-controlled place, such as a closet or drawer in your bedroom. Try your best to avoid places like the attic or garage since they can be really cold or really hot depending on where you live. Wherever you decide to organize your stash, be sure that it’s a cool + dry place. 
Nothing is worse than not being able to find the bottoms you were planning on mix + matching with your favorite top. While you may be in the habit of tossing your swimwear in the same drawer as other pieces of clothing, this is a sure way to lose parts of your suit overtime. If you make sure your swimmers are organized and stored in their own space, all pieces of your swimwear are ready to go when you need them! 


One of the best places to store swimsuits is in a garment bag! These handy bags are typically temperature and humidity-controlled, so they can maintain the best conditions for your suit as  long as you need. Some garment bags can be vacuum-sealed so you can really protect it from humidity. Try to avoid plastic bags since plastic can cause mildew buildup and other yucky things like that. 
If you’re looking to store your swimmer collection in a drawer, you can either lay your folded swimsuits on top of one another, store them in small garment bags, or use drawer organizers/inserts to keep it all clean and organized. Another option is to fold your swimsuits but put them in the drawer with the fold facing up, so you can see the colors + prints easily in your stash. 
Storing swimsuits in a closet is a great alternative to folding them. If you have the closet space available, hang your various swimsuits on hangers. You will be able to fit multiple one-piece and two-piece bathing suits in a small closet on the same hanger or on multiple hangers. You can even use pant hangers to store swim trunks or shorts! This is also a great option if you’re using your swimsuits as often as most people use clothes!  


Once you decide where to store your swimsuits, we’ve got the best way to fold everything! Folding techniques will depend on the type  of swimsuit you’re folding, but for the most part, here’s what we recommend. 
Folding a One-Piece:
  1. Remove padding from your swimsuit
  2. Lay your swimsuit flat, face down
  3. Fold the swimsuit straps back over the middle of the suit
  4. Fold the swimsuit in half horizontally
  5. Fold the swimsuit in half vertically
Folding a Two-Piece:
  1. Remove padding from your swimsuit
  2. Lay the top of the swimsuit flat and face down
  3. Fold the straps over the back of the swimsuit
  4. Lay the swimsuit bottom on top of the swimsuit top
  5. Fold the swimsuit in half horizontally
  6. Fold the swimsuit in half vertically
Folding Trunks or Shorties:
  1. Lay your swimsuit flat
  2. Fold one  lat of your shorts over  the other
  3. Fold your shorts in half vertically
If you want to keep your tops and bottoms separated for mix + matching, fold your tops as instructed above and fold your bottoms like this:
  1. Lay your swim bottoms flat, face down
  2. Fold the crotch up to the top of your swim bottoms
  3. Fold the swimsuit bottom in half horizontally
  4. Optional, you can then fold the swimsuit in half vertically


Now that we’ve covered all things storage, it’s time to dive right into organizing options! 
First, you can organize your swimsuits by style! If you have multiple favorite styles, group each style together in your drawer, garment bag, or closet. This will make them easy to find if you’re feeling like wearing a Tied-Up Top or Cut High Bottoms but haven’t decided on the print quite yet. 
Second, try organizing your swimsuits by color or pattern! Group all your blues, pinks, or greens together, or if you have multiple animal prints or fruity prints, group those together too! However you choose to organize your personal swimsuit collection, make sure it works for you and your personality!
Finding swimmers that make you feel confident + comfortable is easy here at Kortni Jeane,  and when you do find them, you want to be sure to maximize their life by organizing + storing them properly! By keeping all these ideas in mind you’re more likely to keep swimmers radiant and fresh for many summers to come! 
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