Up Close Look: Swimmer Bra Pads

Up Close Look: Swimmer Bra Pads - Kortni Jeane
Alright ladies, let’s talk swimmer bra pads 👙 They’re necessary but sometimes the most annoying thing about swimwear, amiright?! Today we’re taking an up close look at our Kortni Jeane swimmer bra pads with tips + tricks in making the most of them and helping them last longer. So without another moment wasted, let’s do this!
Most of our Kortni Jeane tops have a full shelf bra that goes all the way around your body and include removable bra padding. All of our tops include either  a half or full shelf bra depending on the style of top. If you’re not sure which tops have bra padding, take a peek at each product listing. This will have details on what kind of shelf bra is included - and if there’s a shelf bra of any kind, there will be removable bra padding included. 
Did you know that our select Youth Girl tops have bra inserts? These tops don’t include bra padding when you purchase them, as many youth girls don’t need them quite yet. However, if your tween/teen needs bra padding, we sell them in our Accessories tab. They are sold as a set of two, are one-size, and their color may vary.  
By taking care of your swimsuit the right way you can be sure to enjoy your swimsuit for much longer. Bra pads are the same. If you want your bra pads to retain their shape and avoid odd dents and folding, remove your bra pads after washing your swimmer! By removing the bra pads, you give them the chance to dry in the correct form. Then, after your swimmer dries, re-insert the bra pads for a “good as new” look!  
Another tip: avoid the washing machine at all costs! Swimmer fabric is sensitive and putting it in the washer and dryer ruins it. Same goes for bra padding. Washers and dryers are harsh on your swimmer + bra padding and will most definitely make your bra pads shift and bunch or even get lost! {joining those socks in whatever abyss they end up in.} Our no. 1 tip for washing your swimmers + bra pads is by hand with gentle detergent. It’ll preserve the integrity of the fabric and will give you full control in cleaning each bra pad. You can ensure that your pads won’t get dented or misshapen. 
Inserting bra padding after washing your swimmer doesn’t need to be an ordeal, we promise! Just follow these helpful tips and you’ll be done in seconds:
1. Find the slit/opening along the sides of your swimmer (bra inserts)
2. Fold the bra pad in half (like a soft taco)
3. Ease it through the gap and wiggle it into place (about half-way into the shelf bra)
4. Use your finger to “unfold” your bra pad and finish wiggling it into place
Done and done! Once wriggled in, the bra padding should fit snugly into the bra area. Make sure you make it yours by putting it where it’s most comfortable.
So you’ve worn your swimmer every day, all summer long and now your bra pad is looking… well… a little sad. Not to worry! We sell replacement bra padding under our Accessories tab on our website. If your original bra padding is looking a little worn down, don’t wait to replace it. We don’t want it to slow down your water adventures and memories. Or snag a new pair if you lose one of your bra pads. It happens! Whether you put it in the wash (but we told you not to!) or one of your littles ran off with it, losing bra pads is more common than you think. But we’ve got you covered with new ones for $9!   
If our bra pads just aren’t working for you, ditch the padding altogether! Many customers say bye-bye to bra pads in general and don’t care for the extra padding. So if you’re comfortable with the idea and find that bra pads just aren’t for you, get rid of them! 
Our bodies are so amazing and deserve the best swimmers around. And with our shelf bras + bra pads, we’ve got a variety of bust sizes covered! Hopefully this close up look at swimmer bra padding was helpful and that you’re feeling a little less stressed about those bra inserts. Summer and swimmers are supposed to be stress free! 
If you have any questions or concerns about bra padding, please email us at hello@kortnijeane.com for assistance. Or comment your questions below! 
Kortni + Team 


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