Up Close Look: Mommy & Me Styles

Up Close Look: Mommy & Me Styles - Kortni Jeane
Nothing melts our hearts quite like a mommy + me swim duo! 😍Seeing darling mommy’s and their little one’s sporting our very own Kortni Jeane swimmers makes our hearts so happy! That’s right, we have EIGHT swim styles that we’ve shrunk down to miniature size and you’re going to love them. Feast your eyes on our mommy + me styles that are available for you and your mini me’s. 


Looking for added coverage with a feminine touch?! We’ve got you and your minis covered with the All Ruffled Up bottoms! They’re cute, flirty, and have you covered. You’ll love these leg ruffles on yourself and will absolutely obsess over the ruffles on your mini me. Shrink it down and it’s instantly adorable! 


Next up is our crowd pleasing top that is to die for both in mama’s size and miniature - the Bandeau top! We can’t even handle this style on your mini’s as it is oh so cute! This top offers great coverage, removable straps for mama, adjustable straps for everyone, and comfort like you’ve never experienced before. And this top works great outside of the pool too!


Can’t beat the classics! Our High-Waisted bottoms are available from every age, giving you the chance to mix + match these bottoms into any mommy + me duo. These babies won’t fall off, offer great comfort, come in unique colors + prints, and will last! That way you can match your mini me all year long, mixing and matching your tops however you please. 


Raise of hands if you love our classic Ruffled Around top! Well your mini’s will agree when you snag one in their size. This top is perfect for everyone and is oh so versatile. You can wear it over both shoulders, on one shoulder, as a bandeau top, or our personal favorite – off both shoulders! This top can be worn at the pool with your favorite hats or paired with cute pairs of pants for dinner. You and your mini me will look fashionable either way!


One of customer favorites and for good reason! The Swing top is DARLING when you shrink it down to miniature size and BEAUTIFUL on all mama’s. Both sizes offer adjustable straps and a flowy outer layer that makes your entire look more fun! And every Swing top looks so good with any of our bottoms so mix + match to your heart's desire. Trust us, the second you slip your little one in this top, you’ll die of cuteness! 


Sometimes life gets boring wearing normal swimsuit bottoms all the time. Not with the Who Wears Short Skirts for you and your tiny humans! Layer cute t-shirts (maybe even matching) over this swimsuit and you’ve got duo looks you can wear sitting poolside, walking on the boardwalk, or grilling for the backyard barbecue! These bottoms add extra coverage and look soooooo cute in miniature size. You may literally melt! 

Also available on our site from previous collections are these cute styles: 


These bottoms are just what you need to add a dainty touch to your swimmer collection (and to your mini’s)! The dainty little ruffle falls just above the hips and continues all the way around, helping both of you channel your inner ballerina! Good thing these bottoms come in women’s, you, and mini sizing so you can match the whole family! These pair flawlessly with all our tops and will never cover up those ruffles. Something about these babies just feels right!


Whether it’s in women’s or mini sizing, this is a style we swear by! It’s truly unique, comfortable, and oh so flattering on everyone! For our mama’s, this one-piece has a mini ruffle that falls at your natural waistline on the sides, flattering the areas of your waist. For our little ones, the skirt is a lot longer, covering the swim bottoms and giving your littles the prettiest princess look. Both sizes have a round neckline + scoop back along with thick shoulder straps you can count on. Don’t hesitate to rock these beauties together at your next water adventure. 


One of the pieces we were most nervous about has been an instant hit: the Wrapt Top Rashguard in women’s and mini sizing! Talk about a style you can count on and make your very own! These bad boys are perfect for layering, worn front or back, and aren't just swim tops! Throw it on for some relief from the sun or wear it out and about during your swimming breaks! We offer this rashguard in women’s, youth, and mini sizing which means less sunscreen for all your mama’s! Just be sure to get their faces + legs.  
Little and not so little babes wearing Kortni Jeane is always a good idea. Nothing is cuter! Both sizing options are modest, fully line, cute as can be, and oh so comfortable. Plus with our variety of mix + match options, you and your mini can have more than one swimmer with just a couple of tops + bottoms. Make unique combos with various colors, patterns, styles, you name it. No matter what, make the memories together by being a matching duo. Which mommy + me styles are your favorite? Tell us in the comments below!
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