Women-Owned Businesses We Love

Women-Owned Businesses We Love - Kortni Jeane


Being a woman in business isn’t always easy, but we are obsessed with all they have created! From children’s products, clothes, and accessories, it’s exciting to see women start their own business, work hard to help that business grow, and watch them succeed because of all of YOU! Today we wanted to feature women-owned businesses that we love and adore, giving you the chance to support them!

Lou Lou & Co.


Crae Home

Made by Mary


Gigi Pip


Fawn Design

Ivy City Co

Wink Naturals


Wild Bird

Kate Grace Thread Co

Knot + Spool


Nena & Co

Bao Bei Maternity

Plum and Sparrow

Promptly Journals


Rags to Raches

Rainbow Row

Tubby Todd

Ryan and Rose


Sly Beauty Cosmetics


Sundree Accessories

Primally Pure


We’re obsessed with every single one of these women and their businesses. Their journey, stories, and communities are all so inspiring we can’t help but want to support them. And no matter what life throws our way, support from the community means the world to us and every woman-owned business out there. Which women-owned business is your all time favorite?! Let us know in the comments below so we can add them to our list. 


Kortni + Team


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