Up Close Look: Mini Swimmers

Up Close Look: Mini Swimmers - Kortni Jeane

Kortni Jeane Mini
We're not sure what it is, but something about a little babe wearing Kortni Jeane Swimmers makes our hearts melt. Nothing is cuter! 
Here's why we love our mini swimsuits (& why you will too!):
  • Modest, full bum coverage, & fully lined
  • Two-piece swimmers allow for easy diaper changes & bathroom breaks
  • Allows your little one to wiggle & move as they please
  • Fun colors & patterns that show off their personality
  • Variety of mix n' match options so your mini can have more than one swimmer with just a couple tops & bottoms

Mini Girls


Kortni Jeane Mini Swimsuits


Kortni Jeane Mini Swimsuits


Mini Men

Euro Short

Kortni Jeane Mini Swimsuits

Nothing cuter, right? Check out all of our pattern & color options for our mini girls and mini men swimsuits.  



Kortni Jeane + Team






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  • Kim Nelson on

    Hi! Quick question on your mini tops – I reeeeeally loved the peplum top for mini’s that we bought last year and am hoping you get them back in soon! The halters I purchased seem really large and I plan to return them (if they get in a pool they’ll just float up to the surface!). So, if you don’t plan to restock your mini peplum tops, can you tell me a bit about the swing top? It says there’s a lining underneath for modesty, do you have any pics before I purchase/exchange? Thank you!

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