Up Close Look: Men's Trunks, Shorts, + Retro Shorties

Up Close Look: Men's Trunks, Shorts, + Retro Shorties - Kortni Jeane

Men's styles featureAn Up Close Look: Men's Trunks, Shorts, + Retro ShortiesWe absolutely love the men and boys in our lives, especially when they’re rocking their KJ trunks + shorts. But what’s the difference between all of our styles? Even more importantly, which style will fit our men and boys best?! We’re obsessed with the fit and look of all of our styles, so we’ve laid out everything you need to know about our men + boy lines right here:

Up Close Look: Men's Trunks, Shorts, + Retro Shortiestrunks

Our trunks are our classiest swimsuits for the men in your life because of their overall look, comfort, and coverage. Trunks come in sizes 28-36 for men AND in mini + youth sizes with our various colors + patterns. They are unlined, so customers often prefer to wear compression shorts underneath their KJ trunks. The material has a little stretch and ties at the waist for maximum security and comfort. They typically hit right above the knee, if you’re worried about length and coverage. If you’re not already sold on the fit of our trunks, there’s more: they have pockets! One in the back and two in the front! 

Up Close Look: Men's Trunks, Shorts, + Retro ShortiesshortsOur Men’s Swim Shorts are a fun and retro style to wear! These shorts come in sizes S-XXL and have a short euro fit with a mesh lining underneath. Compared to the trunks, our shorts are 4 inches shorter in length. The material for the shorts is slightly stretchy, making them a comfortable option that moves with you. They’re secured with an elastic waistband AND a matching drawstring so you’ll really have a flexible fit. Plus, our shorts are decked out with two front pockets and one back pocket with a button. These Swim Shorts are a perfect option for your man who doesn’t mind a trendy look and wants to move comfortably.

Up Close Look: Men's Trunks, Shorts, + Retro Shortiesretro shortiesOur Retro Shorties are the newest edition to our men’s styles and have an incredibly retro look. The Retro Shorties come in sizes S - XXL for men, as well as in mini  + youth sizes. They are a couple of inches shorter than our trunks and have a perfect detail scoop on the side with piping detail along the bottom. Like our Swim Shorts, the Retro Shorties also have a mesh lining, along with an elastic waistband and matching drawstring for tighter and ensured security. We’re obsessed with the slightly stretchy material so your men won’t have to slow down their fun. The shape is wider than our Swim Shorts, allowing your men to move around more freely.  So whether your men are running along the beach and holding their mini’s, they won’t have to worry about restriction of thick fabric without any give. Plus, they’ve got pockets! Two in front and one in the back with a buttonFind Your FitMen's fit guide

Need sizing help? Here it is! In order to measure yourself, stand up straight before bending at the waist to one side. The natural crease that forms is where your waist is located. Measure there to know your waist size. If you find your man or boy between sizes, we always recommend sizing up for everyone, especially for Retro Shorties and Swim Shorts since you can adjust the waistbands to perfectly fit their body type + size. If you have further questions, please reach out to our customer service team at hello@kortnijeane.com- they have the best advice when it comes to sizing and can answer individual questions that are unique to you! 

Which of these bad boys catches your eye? You’ll want all the men in your life rockin’ these styles from your husband to your littles! Tag us on Instagram @kortnijeane and use hashtag #kortnijeaneswimmers to show us all your stylish men and their adventures in KJ trunks and shorts!
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