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Our Favorite Podcasts 🎙 - Kortni Jeane

Our Favorite PodcastsOur Favorite Podcasts

It's International Podcast Day and we couldn't think of a better time to share all of our favorite podcasts with you! We don't know about you, but we can never get enough podcast suggestions. We're always looking for something new to uplift and inspire us, whether it's business advice, hilarious stories, or therapy thoughts. We've found our perfect pairs for working out at the gym, driving to work, or getting ready for the day. After all, nothing helps us feel more ready to own the day than listening to these fabulous shows, so check them out!

Our Favorite PodcastsHow I Built This

How I Built This with Guy Raz is one of our favorite business podcasts. By interviewing different entrepreneurs from hundreds of successful companies, this show inspires millions to continue building their business and get through the nitty gritty. This show is one of Kortni's top picks because she loves learning how other businesses got started, hearing their story, and seeing how far they are now from where they started. It's incredible to see the growth companies go through and find similarities between business owners who often started from nothing and built from the ground up. Whether you're interested in starting your own business or simply learning about the behind-the-scenes of how a business works, this one is a great listen!The Goal Digger Podcast

Jenna Kutcher's Goal Digger Podcast is the perfect fix to get your mind on track! Listening always sparks new ideas for us and helps us better organize and run a business. There's a lot that goes on behind-the-scenes of running a business and Jenna really gets it! Best of all, she knows how to be REAL. She's lives a genuine life and talks to us in a way that makes us all feel like we're her best friend. She also has tons of resources from her Pinterest guide to her online branding classes that are both educational and inspiring. In all, her advice really is pure gold Munchin With Moguls

Alexa Jorgensen interviews inspiring women who are striving to make a difference in this world. We love how she's aware that we don't need to be an influencer or have a huge following to make a difference in this world. Rather, we are all moguls, we are all needed, and we all matter. In 2017, she interviewed Kortni and we fell in love with her style and personality. Check out that episode to learn more about how building a genuine community lifts you and your business!

Our Favorite PodcastsAwesome With AlisonIf you don't know Alison you're missing out! We featured her on our 5 Steps Towards Creating a Body Positive Wardrobe Blog, but that's not all she's fabulous at! She's a boss babe with business advice for all, mental health nuggets, and goal making techniques that you can't help but follow through with. She's also hilarious and light-hearted, so you leave each episode feeling better than you did before as well as empowered to do anything you put your mind to.What We Said

What We Said with @jacimariesmith and @chelseyjadecurtis takes the cake! It's been our team's favorite podcast this year and our #1 favorite way to start every Tuesday. They chat about everything from The Bachelor to body image. Our personal favorite episodes are the stories sent in by listeners. Episodes like "Most Embarrassing Moments" and "Cringe-Worthy First Date Stories" have us dying with laughter. You won't believe some of these stories are real! 

 Asking For a FriendLifestyle expert Lauren Conrad can now be your BFF! She candidly shares how in the world of social media, life isn't always as perfect as it seems. She shares party planning tips, hair tutorials, and even a guide to dating online for modern girls. This is the perfect easy listen that will make any menial task just a little more fabulous!The WDW RadioWhat else could WDW stand for except Walt Disney World! If you've been following along for a while you've seen how much we love all things Disney! This podcast takes you behind the scenes of Disneyland and Disneyworld and delves deeper into the magic of these world-famous theme parks. Our favorite episodes are the "Top Ten" series that cover subjects like "Top Ten Things We Love About Main Street USA", "Top Ten Cast Member Roles", and "10 Things You Didn't Know About Walt Disney." And of course, the host includes current tips and tricks to make the most out of your Disney vacation! If you're planning a trip to Disneyland, there's no better way to get more excited than listening to these and making your experience even more magical!

Our Favorite PodcastsOprah's SuperSoul ConversationsOprah's better than ever on her SuperSoul Conversations Podcast. As she interviews people of all walks of life and talks about life's deeper questions she encourages us all to be our best selves. If you're looking for something to get you through the day, this podcast will not only motivate you, but also give you a greater purpose in everything you do.The Art of JoyIn The Art of Joy, mother-daughter duo Ashlee Swensen and Trésa Martindale address life's deep questions through telling their experiences and research on finding joy through trials. Both have experienced some of life's greatest challenges including death of loved ones, divorce, and infertility. Through these life-changing experiences they have risen from their trauma and created a platform for women to rise with them. If you need a podcast that delves into these trials and shows you that life truly is about joy, The Art of Joy is an incredible resource.RISE PodcastRachel Hollis is a best-selling author who wrote the ever popular "Girl Wash Your Face" and "Girl Stop Apologizing". These books are a must read for every woman! You can listen to excerpts on her podcast that will get you hooked. Listening to this podcast will give you the confidence to be your complete self, share your journey with others, start your dream business, and everything in between! Plus, Rachel also hosts Rise Together with her husband, so you'll never run out of these golden episodes to listen to.

If you haven't jumped on the podcast train yet, these are the perfect ones to start with! Podcasts are becoming a better and better way to wake up each day, motivate you at the gym, and inspire you as you do the dishes. So check them out and leave your top podcast suggestions below so that we can listen to some of your favorites!
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