How Do I Become a KJ Model?

How Do I Become a KJ Model? - Kortni Jeane

How Do I Apply to Be a KJ Model?

Are you interested in modeling for us? We love involving everyone we can in our photoshoots and you could be next! Our photoshoots are a blast and we're passionate about bringing out the very best in people, promoting positivity in every way, and getting to know each of you. Whether you have past modeling experience or you're simply curious if this will be your next passion, it's never a bad time to try and we'd be thrilled to have you apply! Applying is simple! All you have to do is follow the steps below:
how to apply:
Shoot an email to with the following information:
1. Name
2. Age
3. Where you are living
4. Your availability
5. 3 headshots
1. Because we are located in Provo, Utah we have all of our photoshoots locally. So, in order to be eligible you must be local. We do however have photoshoots in Arizona a couple of times a year, so we encourage you to reach out if you are a local Arizona KJ fanatic interested in modeling. We'll put you on our list and reach out to you when we're headed your way!
2. Women and men models must be at least 18 years of age. But of course we adore our youth, mini, and baby models, so see below for details on how to apply for them. 
3. Be confident! Whatever age, size, gender, or personality you have we want you to own it in front of the camera and show us how you rock our swimmers!
How Do I Apply to Be a KJ Model?

How Do I Apply to Be a KJ Model?

We love our youth, mini, and baby models and just can't get enough of their darling personalities! If you or your child is interested in modeling, don't hesitate to apply as well! We're always looking! In addition to the steps above, please let us know their sizes and if they have any previous experience. You can apply for them no matter what age they are. Vinni started his modeling career at 6 months, so why can't you? 😉

What are you waiting for!?! Send us an email if you're interested. We would love to have you join the world of Kortni Jeane!
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