The Benefits of Sunshine 🌞

The Benefits of Sunshine 🌞 - Kortni Jeane
The Benefits of Sunshine
Beaches won’t be closed forever and we’ve been dreaming of sunny days with sand between our toes! Even if most of us don’t have a beach or pool to lounge by, we all still have access to the sun! Forget for a moment about harmful UV rays because today we’re coming at ya with the benefits of sunshine. We’ve done our research and we knew there was a reason we love summer so much. This is our season!!!
Improves Your Mood
If you’re having a bad day, just step outside! Sunlight actually increases your serotonin levels, which help promote feelings of happiness! Serotonin not only boosts your mood, but it also helps you feel calm and focused. If you’re feeling anxious, spending time in the sun will help reduce that stress. Plus, if you’re rocking a Kortni Jeane swimmer under the sunshine, that’s double the happiness!!
Improves Sleep
In our modern & screen bombarded world, we tend to spend more time indoors. So what if I told you that sunlight helps regulate our sleeping patterns?! Light is a powerful guide for the body. When you are ready to start your day, exposing your body to the sun will not only help alert the brain and set you in motion for the rest of the day, but it will also help you sleep better that night! Make sure you have blinds or curtains that can easily be pulled back to bathe the room in sunlight in the morning.
Vitamin D
If you haven’t seen our post about vitamin D, then you’re in for a treat! When sunlight hits your skin, it triggers your body’s production of vitamin D. That’s right, our bodies produce vitamin D! And here we always thought it came from the sun. Vitamin D is crucial for your overall health since it protects against inflammation, lowers high blood pressure, improves brain function, builds strong bones and even protects against certain cancers.
the benefits of sunshine
Cancer Prevention
I know what you’re thinking - uh, doesn’t excessive exposure to the sun cause skin cancer?! Here’s our answer! Sunlight can definitely contribute to skin cancers, but a moderate amount of sunlight actually has preventive benefits when it comes to cancer. According to researchers, anyone who lives in areas with few daylight hours are more likely to have some specific cancers than those who live where there’s a lot more sun during the day. These cancers include colon, ovarian, pancreatic, and prostate cancer. Do yourself and your body a favor and spend time in the sunshine!
Weight Loss
We’ve always blamed the food during the holiday seasons when it comes to weight gain. However, recent studies are showing that we actually are more prone to pack on pounds when there’s less sunlight! We’re not saying you can rely on pursuing sunlight exposure in order to lose weight, but it’s definitely a factor! The more sunshine means the more blue light wavelengths that penetrate our skin and reach the fat cells just beneath, reducing the size of lipid droplets. Smaller lipid droplets are then released out of the cell, so our cells don’t store as much fat. So if you’re aiming to stay at a healthy weight, go run outside or do yoga out in the sun!  
the benefits of sunshine
Sunlight & Moderation:
Even though we have a whole lot of love for the sunshine, we also want to recognize that it can be dangerous to be overexposed. We are more likely to get a sunburn going outside when the sun’s rays are more direct. Luckily, this usually takes place between 10am and 4pm, so all the sunlight outside of that time is here and ready for you! Obviously there are a lot of great reasons to get outside and enjoy the sun, but UV radiation can penetrate the skin, damage cells, and ultimately lead to skin cancer. We recommend getting 5-15 minutes of sunshine on your arms, hands, and face 2-3 times a week. That is plenty of time to enjoy the vitamin D-boosting benefits of the sun. Otherwise, make sure you are wearing sunscreen and adding that extra coverage in your wardrobe. For an extra help, check out our top five rated sunscreens here!
I think it’s safe to say that your body is meant to be in the sun, and exposure to the sunlight during your busy day is crucial to your well being. We love being outside all day, every day - but it’s important to take care of yourself and your little ones with the right SPF and sunhats! What other reasons can you come up with to be pro-sunshine and the benefits ? Let us know below! 
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