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pregnancy essentials

We’re coming at ya with all things baby! With baby girl on the way, there has been a lot of nesting going on. It's had me thinking about all my favorite products from pregnancy through babies first year. So I've put together my ultimate baby lists. I am honestly not sure I would have survived each stage without some of these things to assist! I know everyone has their list of must-haves when it comes to babies.

All mother’s know best!

And glad I have had so many resources to refer to along the way, so I am adding mine to the lineup!

For the next few weeks I’ll be sharing my personal helpful tips from pregnancy must-haves and newborn needs to hospital bag essentials and postpartum needs. We’ll be featuring five different blog posts all about the baby journey! It’s likely you’ll see some of the same items throughout the week, but that just means they are beneficial for every stage of baby’s arrival. Get ready and let’s talk all things baby! 
Pregnancy Essentials
Pink Stork Labor Prep TeaPregnancy Support Leggings A Nice Robe
1. Pink Stork Labor Prep Tea - Designed to help your body prepare for labor and delivery, this drink is made from natural ingredients to strengthen your uterus and reduces labor pain. It has a sweet floral taste and can be made into a hot or cold drink, whatever you prefer. Personally I make a cup in the morning and let it sit for an hour before chugging it...
2. Pregnancy Support Leggings - These high-waisted leggings are perfect for supporting your belly before and after pregnancy. They have complete core compression and are extra-buttery soft. I have had the same pair for both pregnancies and they are still like new! You’ll thank yourself for investing in these!
3. A Nice Robe - Nothing easier than a robe when you need some coverage. And the only thing you care about when putting something on while pregnant is COMFORT. A few of my favs: 


    Good Body Oil Vitaminspregnancy pillow
    4. Good Body Oil - keep that stretching skin soft and silky through the process of growing your sweet baby. I get an itchy belly as my bump expands so having a good oil to use daily and as needed is calming. It also allows your skin to be soft to stretch as needed while preventing some stretch marks (yes you will get stretch marks, embrace them, shows you grew another HUMAN in your body and this is incredible)!
    My favs:
      5. Vitamins - Find a prenatal that works for you! I use the Nuskin Prenatal vitamins which I love but Pink Stork is another great brand I recommend!
      6. Pregnancy Pillow - I think I tried every pillow on the market while pregnant with my first. I was so uncomfortable sleeping at night and was desperate for anything that may help. Finally found this Boppy Side Sleeper pillow and my sleep was changed for the better! Take note, I am a side sleeper so I loved how this supported my back and if I rolled over it still offered that support I wanted slash NEEDED. This Boppy Support pillow was also wonderful and my second runner up, if you move a lot in your sleep like me this one is a great option to manipulate to your needs.
      Morning Sickness Go-To'sGood Water BottleKortni Jeane Maternity Swimsuit Bottoms
      7. Morning Sickness Go-To's - this was much more intense with pregnancy number two. I won't go into details but I battled a rough fight with my second pregnancy. My little boy now thinks the toilet is used to spit into after watching me throwup day after day, gotta love kids. I know ginger is super helpful for nausea but I can't stand the flavor. But low and behold I discovered these Pink Stork Sweets that actually taste good, yes I had several a day for WEEKS! The second thing I found that helped me with sickness is Hint Water. I am not usually a flavored water person but it was the only thing I could stomach for a while and actually keep down. It was nice to get a little flavor in me and helped with nausea when I had zero appetite! While we are on the subject, in general it's always a good idea to keep snacks on hand. You may not have an appetite but having something to suck on or eat helps so much with nausea it's worth trying to keep a little something in ya throughout the day (and in my case even night).
      8. Good Water Bottle - Hydration is so important! Even though you are already visiting the potty more frequently it's more important than ever to drink plenty of water. The best of the best is the Stanley Adventure Quencher. I have had mine for years and it is the best thing ever. 40oz, fits in a cup holder, has a straw (essential for me cause it makes me drink more water), machine washable and keeps your drink ice cold all day long!
      9. Kortni Jeane Maternity Swimsuit Bottoms - don't miss a beat with these comfortable maternity swimsuit bottoms that pair perfectly with any style top that best suits you. They are made to grow with your bump, leaving you looking and feeling amazing.
      Pregnancy JournalNatural Vitality Calm plus CalciumMaternity jeans
      10. Pregnancy Journal - I love Promptly Journals Childhood History journal! It starts when you get pregnant all the way through that baby’s 18th birthday! Simple, which is just what I need to actually use it.
      11. Natural Vitality Calm plus Calcium - Anyone else always getting cramps in their legs and feet (mainly in the middle of the night when it’s most inconvenient) due to pregnancy?! AKA Charley Horses galore, boo. I”ll warn you, it doesn't taste good so I just chug, but I drink this every night before bed when those cramps start up (around the end of the second trimester for me) and it is the CURE! If you are in the same boat, try this! It's been a game changer!
      12. Maternity Jeans - both the extent of my pregnancies have been through the summer which means I mostly wear dresses on the daily which is so nice to be comfy and stay a little cooler. However I have tried many maternity wear items and hands down no jeans beat Madewells! I have worn the same pair though both my pregnancies. They are so comfortable, high quality and look amazing, if I do say so myself. I also discovered Gap has some really great fitting chino's in a lot of color options that are gold!
      Well there you have it! If you’re pregnant with your first or fourth baby, these must-haves have got you covered! Treat and take care of yourself as you do the incredible work of growing a human! And give yourself grace, its hard work and your body is busy at work. What pregnancy must-haves are on your list? Let me know below! And keep an eye out for our next post: Newborn Needs, Baby Luxuries, and things I want to try with baby #2! 


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