What Style Should I Snag?

What Style Should I Snag? - Kortni Jeane

What Style Should I Snag?

 Hey KJ crew! Have you joined the fun at the biggest event of the year?! Swimystery Extravaganza, where you buy a mystery swimsuit at a killer price! Not only do you pick your preferred size, but you get to pick your favorite style! The mystery comes in as our mix n’ match experts choose which prints + colors to send to your doorstep. Need help deciding which style to snag? Our mix n’ match experts are coming at ya with some of our favorite styles from our Swimystery collection! 

ruffled around top

How’d you like FOUR swimmers for the killer price of ONE?! Perfect for our fashionistas, this is our most versatile swimsuit top! Feeling cute but wanting to cover up? Wear it on your shoulders! Feeling classy and wanting to show off those beautiful shoulders? Where it off the shoulders for a perfectly flattering look. Wanting to mix it up a little for a fun look? Wear this top over one shoulder, while the other side shows off your glowing skin. Or show off your collarbone and shoulders by wearing it bando style! This last one would be a perfect time to show off those lip + cheek highlights on your collarbone! Check out all the hot details for this top here and here!  

V-Neck Top

Mama’s and our bigger busted ladies! This top is for YOU! This supportive top is perfect for a bigger bust because of it’s v-neck cut, thick straps and peplum bottom. It’s flattering on all body types but is sure to stay put while enjoying water adventures! Not only that, our V-Neck is also a mama favorite cuz it’s nursing friendly! Mamas can easily slip a strap off or go underneath the peplum ruffle for coverage while feeding their lil’ babe. It’s a win-win! If you’re one of our flat chested ladies, this v-neck line is still for you! Any fashion blog can tell you how flattering a v-neck cut is on our smaller chests. This top is literally for everyone! 

Cut-High Bottoms

Say hello to one of our newest KJ bottoms! We are in LOVE! Similar to our classic High-Waisted bottoms, these bottoms hit 2” higher around the leg giving you a cheekier swim look. These bottoms are perfect for our ladies who want to show a little more or for those with an athletic build. They are super flattering and are quickly becoming a favorite! In addition, because of their higher cut they are extra tanning friendly, helping you avoid those tan lines where you don't want them! to  Check out how our Cut-High bottoms fit on our models here

Extended High-Waisted Bottoms 

Our classic High-Waisted bottoms fall at your natural waist while these Extended High-Waisted bottoms come up 2 inches higher, offering more coverage well over your belly button! These bottoms are perfect for long torsos! Or if you’re not tall but want more stomach coverage, these bottoms will work perfectly! Want complete coverage? These bad boys have got your back with any of our tops, for an even more retro look!

Mid-Ruffle Bottoms

Take a peek at our newest addition to the high-waisted bottom lineup! These bottoms are just what you need to add a dainty touch to your swimmer collection. The little ruffle typically falls just above the hips and flares out about one inch for a subtle detail. Plus, the ruffle goes all the way around your hips so you can channel your inner ballerina. They are super flattering and come in womens, youth, and mini sizing! We love how these fit on all sizes, curving to your natural waistline to show your shape, whether it’s curvy, straight, or anywhere in between! We especially love these bottoms paired with the “flare” tops, like our Swing, Scoop Back, and V-Neck tops. Something about these pairings just feels right! Check out more details on our Mid-Ruffle bottoms here

We try to keep our swimmers as unique as possible, so we do not restock them. Once a suit is sold out it is gone for good! If you see something you like, snag it before it’s too late! Plus, sometimes styles retire when we come out with new fun styles. You cannot hesitate! If you don’t have these styles in your KJ collection, now’s your chance to take the plunge! 
Kortni Jeane + Team


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