Swimmer Spotlight: The Latter-Back Top

Swimmer Spotlight: The Latter-Back Top - Kortni Jeane
Swimmer Spotlight
Whether it's sitting on the beach, lounging poolside, or boating on the lake, the Latter-Back top is a perfect top to feel covered, secure, and comfortable all day long. The Latter-Back top is a classic style that looks great on anyone and everyone. With it's adjustable straps, and simple scoop neck line, it allows a better fit for more sizes. It not only is very flattering in the back, but also gives an amazing tan line with the strap detail. 
Bailey // small Latter-Back Top // Medium 3D Floral Bottoms
Marcella // xsmall Latter-Back Top // xsmall All Ruffled Up Bottoms
Maggie // medium Latter-Back Top // medium Ruched Bottoms
Check out some of our favorite way's to style the Latter-Back Top below!


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