Spring Self-Care Bucket List

Spring Self-Care Bucket List - Kortni Jeane

Spring Self-Care bucket list

Another cold (or slightly chilly) winter has come and gone and the flowers are starting to bloom again! The air smells sweeter and temperatures feel even warmer now that it’s spring time! With every start of a new season comes time to reevaluate our self care routine. Since spring is all about pops of color and fresh start potential, our self care should follow the same pattern. Check out these 15 self care bucket list items and see what you can do for yourself this spring season!

take a device-free walk

    • It's finally warm outside (swimmers are  ready) which means it’s the perfect time to explore! Leave your phone behind and enjoy the warmth, sights, and smells of this new spring season. Plants are budding and flowers are blooming as we speak!

make citrus or fruit infused water

  • Fill a pitcher or your favorite water bottle with water, lemons, strawberries, limes (honestly anything you want)! You can find tons of recipes online. Nothing says spring more than some cold water infused with berries and citrus!

enjoy a flower petal bath

    • Bath time is an important self-care activity, so why not add a touch of spring with some beautiful flower petals? Plus, this floral bath is sure to make you feel like a queen. 

do a closet clean out

    • Nothing feels better than throwing out meaningless clothes that we never wear, Marie Kondo style! Clean, organize, and embrace minimalism this spring. Plus, if it’s still in good shape, earn some extra $$ by selling items you want to part with.

go on a spring shopping spree

    • With a clean and organized wardrobe, spruce it up a bit by finding new spring outfits! Treat yourself to some cute high-rise denim, bright shirts, or any piece that celebrates the warm, sunny days to come. 

spring self-care bucket list

declutter + clean your space

    • Vacuum your whole room, dust those inconvenient corners, and reorganize furniture. This may not be relaxing for everyone, but creating a clean and fresh environment will help you hit that refresh button!

buy cadbury mini eggs

    • Make sure to treat yourself in small indulgences this spring… it is the season for Easter candy after all! We get really excited during this time of year for Cadbury mini eggs, but find a treat that you love and keep it on hand! 

create a playlist of uplifting music

    • Take a moment to create a personalized spring playlist with music that makes you feel uplifted! This kind of music has a positive impact and makes you want to dance like nobody's watching!

do something new without posting about it

  • Be where you are and be there for YOU! It’s fun to share what we’re up to on social media, especially if it’s something new. This spring, take one event for yourself and don’t share it. 

create a new vision board

    • If you’ve never made a vision board then today is the day! Buy a poster board and cut/print out anything that inspires you. If you’d rather go digital, you can also create a secret Pinterest board to make a fresh and positive board this spring! 

spring self-care bucket list

make a spring themed meal

    • We all know that food is life, so try new recipes that scream spring! Try delicious + colorful veggie wraps or asparagus fettuccine. Anything goes with pops of color and spring flavors! 

paint a picture of flowers + trees

    • Painting is a hobby that people are often intimidated to try, so you should go for it! Painting reduces so much stress and really brings out your creativity. Make a beautiful floral painting that you could hang on your wall for this spring season. 

try a new, energizing workout routine

    • Exercise is great for your body! Spend the spring season finding a new, energizing workout that will awaken your soul! Try new classes or types of workouts, like yoga or pole dancing (surprisingly hard and fun). Anything to get your body moving this spring!

make a spring sugar scrub

    • Body scrubs are amazing and there are so many recipes you could make. Try making your own with rose or lemon essential oils + some pink or yellow food coloring to give it that spring look! 

take a break from social media

    • We saved the big one for last! Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and all of our social media platforms are great for connecting and staying up to date with family, friends, co-workers, idols, etc. But taking a break is awesome! Give it a try this spring and let us know how it goes! 
Self care is important at every time of year, but there’s something special about spring. This year, put a particular spin on your self care. Keep it simple. Keep it sweet. Keep it fresh. If we do, it will set us up right into summer (our all time favorite season)! Let us know where you start or how your spring self care bucket list is going. We’d love to hear all about it!
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