Spring Break Staycation!

Spring Break Staycation! - Kortni Jeane
Spring Break is around the corner and we cannot wait! This warm weather definitely has us all hyped to put our swimmers on and lounge poolside!  For many of us traveling isn’t an option for Spring Break this year, whether it be from Covid restrictions or wanting to save $$$. But not to worry, we don’t need to travel to far off places to have the best Spring Break we know how. Today we’re coming at you with our ultimate guide in making a staycation feel like a vacation! With some of these ideas, you may just have a staycation for the books.  
Resort at Home 
Turn your home into a beautiful oasis and make it feel like you’re traveling without ever leaving your front door! From setting up a comfortable couch/patio set in your outdoor space or bringing your oasis indoors with hammocks and pillows, staycationing resort style sounds pretty good. Turn up the heat by serving your favorite drinks while listening to a fun vacation playlist. You can even hang some twinkle lights so you can enjoy the party all evening long. Get creative and have fun with it, turning your own home into your dream resort!
Bring Destinations to Your Home 
If you’re unable to travel, why not bring elements of your dream vacations to your home? For example, if you’ve been itching to go to Paris, bring the city of romance to you by watching your favorite french-inspired film, eating cheese and baguettes, and having chocolate eclairs for dessert. Or if you’ve been dreaming of a Hawaiian vacation, learn how to make your own Hawaiian plate, drink otai drinks with umbrellas in them, make and wear homemade leis, and learn how to dance one of many Polynesian dances, like Ori Tahiti, the Haka, or Hula. Or our personal favorite, have a Disney themed staycation where you play Disney music, wear Mickey ears and spirit jerseys, make Disney inspired food and find the videos of rides on YouTube. With this approach, you can bring any dream vacation to you!
Humanitarian trips can often feel like a vacation, but you don’t have to travel very far to  give back to the community. Find a volunteer position that is meaningful to you close to home! Some places to volunteer include animal rescue centers, food pantries, local libraries, national parks, retirement homes, and the YMCA. If you’re not sure where to start, use the internet to see what opportunities you can find in your own city. They may even include making kits from home or volunteering nearby. You can either do this on your own or get the whole family involved. Either way you may find this to be one of your very best staycations!
Spa Day 
One of the best parts of vacationing is spending a whole day at the spa, right? But why not skip the expensive spas and relax at home?! This is one of our favorite indoor staycation ideas. All you need is some calming music and nice lighting {with candles or a lighted diffuser} to create the ultimate relaxing atmosphere. Once the mood is set, give yourself a facial, a foot soak, a hand mask, a hair treatment, or take an aromatherapy bubble bath. The options are endlessly dreamy! If you’re feeling adventurous, give yourself a manicure or pedicure, read a good book, or binge on a podcast. It’ll feel so nice to unwind at home, and you won’t have to spend a lot of $$ for it either. 
Go Hiking + Picnic 
Hiking and having a picnic can be the best kind of vacation, especially if the weather is warming up for you outside! Reaching your dreamy location, laying down a blanket, and unpacking a basket full of delicious goodies sounds like one of the very best ways to staycation. And don’t worry about creating the perfect spread of food! You could make simple sandwiches or snag your favorite take-out on your way up. Any choice you make is bound to be tasty. This is a great way to have quality time with your loved ones, to take in the great outdoors, and to just relax. If the weather isn’t favorable, bring the picnic indoors! Create a theme to make it fun, such as Indian food or party appetizers. Even your little ones would love to have a picnic in the living room!  
If you want to take hiking + picnics up a notch, you can totally go camping! Taking a weekend outdoors is affordable, a great way to unplug, and one of the best ways to connect with loved ones. Similar to our last idea, camping can also be done indoors!  Set up a tent or a fort in your living room, break out the sleeping bags, and play games or tell scary stories into the night. Whether it’s just you and friends, or your entire crew, camping indoors can be a blast! 
Movie Marathon 
Going to movie theaters can be expensive, and many theaters are still experiencing closures, so why not enjoy a fun movie night at home? You could really go all out with this kind of staycation! Pick a theme (Harry Potter, Disney, Sports, Spooky, Superhero, etc.), don’t hold back with snacks and movie theater meals (soft pretzels, nachos, popcorn, boxes of candy), and make a day of it! You can either plop down in the living room, point a projector at a nearby wall, or even take your movie night to the backyard!  Whatever works best for you! You can even take turns picking out movies if you’re with a lot of friends/family and mix n’ match between new or old flicks. If you need to break up your film time, have movie inspired activities between each movie. That way you won’t feel groggy from watching a lot in one day! The possibilities really are endless. 
Be a Tourist in Your City 
Did you know that you could be a tourist in your very own city?? Whether you’re new to the area or born and raised, there is always something new to discover in nearby neighborhoods and places of interest to check out. You can visit local museums, historical spots, nature parks, public art displays, gardens, and more. Some bigger cities even offer admission discounts to local residents, such as New York, Chicago, Dallas, or San Francisco! Wherever you are, take to the town and see what new adventures your city has to offer!  
Board Game Night  
It’s time for a staycation all around GAMES! Skip the long and boring games and grab a stack of great board games. You can choose some that are perfect for couples, friends, or your whole family! Make it interesting by hosting a game tournament or see how many board games you can play in one day. Need some game ideas??  Try your luck with Clue, Scrabble, Sorry!, Telestrations, Disney’s Villainous, Azul, or any game you’ve wanted to try! If you’re not into board games, that’s not a problem! Pick games you will enjoy, such as card games or video games. These can also be made into tournaments and make for a good time when you’re staycationing.  
Paint Night
Painting can be a blast and could be the theme for an entire weekend of a staycation! You can either go out with friends and learn new painting techniques at local restaurants in your neighborhood OR host your own paint night at home with your own canvas, paint, and tools. Make sure you wear aprons to protect your clothes, or wear clothes you don’t care about. If you’re brand new to painting, use a paint by numbers kit, or watch videos to learn more. That way you won’t feel stress or worry about painting. Remember, you’re supposed to be relaxing on your staycation! And you could spend a whole week perfecting your craft and then giving them to your loved ones. Doesn’t that sound fun?!
Airbnb Rental or House Swap 
Want to get away for a night or two, but don’t want to stay in a hotel? Book an airbnb instead! This is a great way for couples to staycation without spending a lot of money. Staying in unique homes can be really fun and often feels like traveling to a new destination. Or, if you want to get away without spending any money, exchange houses with a good friend for an overnighter or a weekend. The change will feel exciting and new since it’s not your usual space. Plus neither of you will have to spend a dollar! Just be a good houseguest, clean up after yourselves, and make sure you can trust your friend in your own place. You could also do it with family members!
Craft Night 
Whether you do it for one day or stretch it out for a week, crafting can be a great staycation from your typical routines. We recommend keeping ideas simple to make sure everyone can have a fun time! You could spend your day making bath bombs, exfoliating scrubs, Christmas ornaments, homemade candles, paper lanterns, gorgeous terrariums, fun t-shirts, unique pottery, or even mason jar crafts. Or if you’re feeling adventurous, you can take to intense DIY projects, like revamping your kitchen, tidying up your pantry + closets, or going full on Home Edit for every area of your house. This is a great staycation for anyone who finds projects and crafts to be relaxing!
Well there you have it! Staycationing for Spring Break never looked so good! We’re getting hyped up just thinking about all these fun ideas! So whether your Spring Break is looking warm outside or not, there are tons of options to make it the best Spring Break yet. Which ideas are you going to try? Or what other staycations do you have that we could add to our list? Comment below so we can check it out!
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