Tips From Kortni: Working From Home with Kids

Tips From Kortni: Working From Home with Kids - Kortni Jeane
Working from home with kiddos isn't easy, especially young kids who require a lot of attention, and I want to give it to them! I am not here to say how to find work + home life balance but to give some tips on how I try to manage my time and make the most of it. That way I can accomplish the things I need to while also loving on my little ones! 
Use Sleep Time Effectively 
I am lucky both my kids still nap so I get 2 hours uninterrupted work time in the middle of the day every day. A lot of my work gets done after my babies go to bed and sometimes I even get an hour or two before they are up in the morning. Whatever your situation, use their downtime to get your big projects done. But if you’re anything like me, even sleep time isn't enough time to accomplish what I need to. So here are a few things I do to get some work done even when my kids are awake!
Get Creative Juices Flowing
First things first I try to start the day with my kids doing something creative to get the juices flowing. Whether it be an art project or making muffins, I believe getting kids' brains awake in a creative way allows them to play better throughout the day. That way when it comes to getting work done my children can be happy and content playing with something on their own.
“Work Time” Toys
I love having "work time" toys. These are items that are pulled out only while mama works. That way they feel more excited to play each time they are pulled out, without much assistance. These are toys that are rotated each week to feel fresh. I don't mean I buy new toys every week but some go into hiding every few days so they are "forgotten" and get re-excited over when they come out again!
Consistent Routines
I try to create a little bit of structure and routine with my toddler so he knows what to expect in his days. That way when I sit down to get work done my two year old knows mom is working and I get to do whatever I need to. Kids do well with consistency. If they are aware of what the day holds ahead of time the smoother it will go.
Prep Your Snacks 
Prep out snacks ahead of time so you aren't spending your time fussing around, needing to always feed your kids and yourself all day long. I love to have cups of washed and cut fruits and veggies in the fridge, munch ready. Also putting portioned cups on the bottom shelf of the pantry my toddler can reach that I am OK with him grabbing to eat whenever he feels. These are healthy snacks that I know he likes but isn't stuffing him with junk or stopping him from eating his regular meals. If a different type of snack is wanted it has to be asked for. This keeps me from going crazy getting snacks all day long and keeps me from getting hangry and resorting to eating a bunch of junk myself.
Be Flexible
My last tip for anyone working at home with kiddos around is to be flexible. Kids will be kids, so go with the flow and switch up your schedule if you or your kids need you to. Show your kids they are the priority and loved. 
Working from home with kids isn’t easy, but it’s definitely possible! Hopefully these tips will help you and your kiddos manage your time and make the most of it. What else helps you work from home with your little ones around? Comment below on what has worked for you so we can give it a try ourselves! 


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