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Small Bust Recommendations - Kortni Jeane

Kortni Jeane Small Bust Recommendations

Kortni Jeane Small Bust Recommendations

 Hey ladies! Let's chat swimmers for smaller busts. We get asked all the time what we suggest for women with smaller chests, so this is the place 🙌🏻. These five swimsuit tops have that somethin' you're looking for AND they provide the right fit for your body type so that you can swim carefree!

Smaller Bust Recommendations: Ruffled Around top

Smaller bust recommendations: Ruffled Around top

The Ruffled Around top has been a longtime favorite! It's one of our trendier swimsuit tops and it looks gorgeous on women of all sizes. This top works especially well for smaller busts because the ruffle adds a fun flair to your bust area. Plus, this top can be worn four ways! Ladies with smaller chests love styling it all four ways, however if you're hoping to wear it as a bandeau, we suggest sizing down for a snug fit around your chest. Watch this video to see how it's done!

Smaller Bust Recommendations: Off The Shoulder top

Smaller bust recommendations: Off The Shoulder Top

The Off The Shoulder top fits snug around the chest, offering a great amount of coverage with a little push up for support. The neckline is high enough to cover you comfortably, while still offering a flattering v-neck shape. The front shelf bra also gives you the support you need without distracting from the gorgeous cross back detail.

Smaller Bust Recommendations: Oversized Ruffle top

Smaller bust recommendations: Oversized Ruffle Top

One of our best statement pieces is the Oversized Ruffle top. It adds flair to any swimsuit combo, not to mention it is super comfortable! The Oversized Ruffle comes with adjustable straps, which women with smaller chests prefer to tighten for a snug fit. The straps are also removable, so wearing it as a bandeau is also a fun option to mix it up! Additionally, the elasticity of this top creates unbeatable comfort. The center elastic is incredibly stretchy while the inner layer has no shelf bra or bra padding so that it fits like a glove. No worries though! The ruffled fabric in front offers plenty of coverage so that you can enjoy the comfort of no bra padding without the downsides.

Smaller Bust Recommendations: Scoop Back top

Smaller bust recommendations: Scoop Back Top

Our Scoop Back top also has adjustable straps to support a smaller bust size along with a front shelf bra sewn into the side seams with an elastic under the bust for support and comfort. The front shelf bra gives you a little push up for a flattering fit without taking away from the scoop back detail. The bra pads in the shelf bra are also removable, as they are in all tops, if you prefer to take them out. In general, this top typically fits most comfortably on women with small to medium chests.

Smaller Bust Recommendations: Squared Up top

Smaller bust recommendations: Squared Up Top

The Squared Up top is our best top for plenty of chest coverage. The high neck along with a fully lined bust and full shelf bra create a comfortable and elegant look that's hard to beat. The straps are also adjustable, so you can tighten them and loosen them for comfort and support. Our customer's especially love the high neck because it covers all cleavage (or lack of 🤷🏻‍♀️) so you can play worry-free! So lean down, pick up your kids, and dive off that diving board! The Squared Up top won't leave you scrambling to cover up!

We pride ourselves in making swimmers to fit all shapes and sizes of women and we're always wanting to hear what your personal favorite styles are! Comment down below what your go-to top is and why it works for you. You might just learn something new from a fellow KJ enthusiast! And last but not least, check out our fit guide for detailed measurements of our models sizes that will help you choose the right swimmer for you.


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