#getdressedwithKJ + Fawn Design

#getdressedwithKJ + Fawn Design - Kortni Jeane
You really get to know someone when you see what's in their purse. Well, we got to know our team better by each creating our own special themed bags. Fawn Design minis are our go-to bags for everything (and we really mean everything!) We had fun filling them with all of our favorite goodies to show + tell with the team while getting to know each other better along the way. You'd be surprised what you can put in these perfect little bags!
#getdressedwithKJ - Fawn Design - Alexis
Alexis is a girl we can all relate to. She just can't live without that soda! We're all big Swig supporters in the office, but she just might be their #1 fan! Her favorite drink is Guava Have It, which is a mix of Mountain Dew, guava + strawberry flavoring, and coconut cream. YUM! Shop her Fawn Mini in blush here.
#getdresswithKJ + Fawn Design - Eliza
Eliza created the perfect everyday bag with her gray Fawn Mini. We all know it's hard to keep your purse clean and organized, so she chose only the true essentials that you'll need for every time you go out. The rest can be added later, but if you have this ready to go you're all set! 
#getdressedwithKJ + Fawn Design - Abbie
Abbie put together the cutest KJ themed bag with all of our fun extras along with her favorite suit. With our big round towel, our flower power sunnies, pink jelly shoes, and pineapple lip balm, you're ready for any day at the pool or the beach. Abbie's personal favorite is our simple clutch, because it's waterproof and easy to clean. What more could you ask for? Plus, the Fawn Mini in sea glass green adds the perfect pop to any outfit!
#getdressedwithKJ + Fawn Design - Katie
Katie is a sewing and fashion master so she chose her colorful array of embroidery to go with her on her everyday adventures. She's currently in school for fashion design and in her textiles class she's been learning how to do embroidery. It quickly became one of her favorite things because she loves the endless designs that you can do (she has a huge board dedicated to it on Pinterest so you know it's true love!) and it can go with her anywhere in her coral Fawn Mini. As a very anxious person she has a hard time calming down and sitting still, so she finds herself embroidering at night and in her free time so that she can sit and relax for the day while still keeping herself busy.
#getdressedwithKJ + Fawn Design - Kortni
Kortni's filling her sea glass Fawn Mini with every baby essential she needs in her diaper bag. She takes Fawn bags with her everywhere and they're always stocked with diapers, snacks, and toys to keep Vinni happy on-the-go. Check out her list of baby essentials and favorite everyday baby products that her and Vinni love!
#getdressedwithKJ + Fawn Design - Maria
One of Maria's favorite pastimes is reading and writing. She's currently in school studying public relations, so reading, writing, and talking are her kind of thing. She always has a small notepad on her to journaling in her free time, write personal life notes, and to jot down ideas that come to her mind. And, don't forget plenty of pens! Who isn't always losing pens on-the-go? It's a good idea to have at least 3 because you never know when you might need one! You can shop her gray Fawn Mini here.
#getdressedwithKJ + Fawn Design - Gaby
Gaby's packed for a day on the beach in her blush Fawn Mini. She's got her favorite KJ swimmer, sunglasses, a hydroflask, sunscreen, pineapple lipbalm, her favorite book, and snacks. It's a good idea in the Summer to keep these ready to go because you never know when you'll have time to head to the beach or the nearest pool. For beach days, Gaby's favorite snacks are fresh fruit or any kind of trail mix.
#getdressedwithKJ + Fawn Design - Keely
When she was eight years old Keely started making chocolate chip cookies for her family. She had the cookie recipe from the back of the Nestle chocolate chip bag memorized! So, ever since then she's loved baking. Throughout high school she always took every foods class available and then after high school she went to culinary school. She now has a degree in baking and pastry arts. Her favorite thing is still baking chocolate chip cookies. They’re so easy and such a crowd pleaser! She also loves making cinnamon rolls and breads so this is exactly what she'd want in her dream bag! She's rocking her Fawn Mini in sea glass green and making us all drool over her treats daily!
#getdressedwithKJ + Fawn Design - Lara
Lara is our hair expert, so it's no surprise that she filled her bag with all of her favorite accessories. She learned how to do braids on her own just by watching Youtube videos and looking at Pinterest for inspiration. She usually learns a new hairstyle on herself and then tries it on her friends and sisters. Her favorite hairstyle is the fishtail braid because she loves how intricate and detailed it looks even though it's really simple to do. Her favorite places to get gorgeous accessories like these are Sally Beauty, Target, and Anthropologie. It's the best way to spice up any outfit just like her classic black Fawn Mini!
#getdressedwithKJ + Fawn Design - Kylie
Kylie's a movie theater goer and she's ready for her next premiere! This black Fawn Mini is the perfect size for bringing (or *sneaking*) snacks into the movie theatre. She's all about getting a giant tub of popcorn with extra butter and a Dr. Pepper. When she's feeling extra adventurous she'll even sneak in a Swig soda in her Megaplex cup (tips from the best!) Her favorite movie recently released is Spiderman: Far From Home because Tom Holland is a dream 😍.
#getdressedwithKJ + Fawn Design - Lucero
Lucero's taking her bag to dance practice and performances. She does Latin and International Folkloric dancing and has been dancing since she was five years old! She's currently in her mom's dance group “Viva el Folklore International” and still performs. Shop her Fawn Mini in brown here.
#getdresswithKJ + Fawn Design - Lindsey
Lindsey has her go-to college backpack ready to go with her sea glass Fawn Mini! With notebooks, pencils, erasers, headphones, and lotion, she's set for class. Lindsey is studying at BYU and is working hard to study and prepare for her future. Two things she can't live without on her school days are gum and chapstick, so she's always making sure the has that on the way to class.
#getdressedwithKJ + Fawn Design - Makenna
Road trip! Makenna's #1 road-trip essentials are her Hydro flask, sunglasses, a good book, and nice sturdy headphones. She's always listening to her favorite podcasts on her trips. Right now her favorite is Just a Tip with Megan Batoon. With that and some sour patch watermelons in her black Fawn Mini, she's set for the road!
#getdressedwithKJ + Fawn Design - Nicole
Nicole got a new bag to take with her to kickboxing class. She started at the beginning of this year and loves how it has helped her so much emotionally, physically, and mentally. It's an awesome workout and she loves her cute pink gloves! Check out her Fawn Mini in gray here.
#getdressedwithKJ + Fawn Design - Rebecca
Rebecca may just be Disneyland's biggest fan (other than Kortni of course 😉). She's got everything in her brown Fawn Mini that you'd need for a day at Disney including a polaroid camera (the best way to get those fun memories), a water bottle, sunscreen, sunglasses, a portable phone charger, and Mickey Mouse swag. Her favorite ride is Thunder Mountain and her favorite treat (besides the churros of course) is the Rainbow Unicorn drink in California Adventure. She goes a few times a year and travels through the night to be able to spend the whole day there. She's as dedicated as they come and always ready for a Disney adventure!
#getdressedwithKJ + Fawn design - Maddie
Maddie's been on too many flights to count, so she's put together her airplane carry-on bag essentials in her brown Fawn Mini bag. All she needs is her passport, headphones, glasses, a good book, a blanket, and some favorite snacks. Her best tip for long flights is keeping your essential toiletries handy to freshen up before you land. She always takes out her contacts for the flight and wears her glasses instead so that her eyes don't dry out. Then just before the descent, she goes into the bathroom to wipe + moisturize her face, put in her contacts, brush her teeth, and apply a little makeup.
#getdressedwithKJ + Fawn Design - Sami
Sami shared what she packs in her black Fawn Mini for a day at the park with her dog. Kora, her border collie, joined her family last year and her and husband love taking her on adventures! She always packs plenty of toys, treats, a leash, and an on-the-go water bowl to take hiking, camping, and the park.
#getdressedwithKJ + Fawn Design - Sierra
One of the main reasons Sierra has come to love photography is being able to see the joy that it brings to other people. It's so fun for her to share her talent to let others relive some of their best moments. She loves the way it lets her express herself artistically and all of the amazing opportunities that it has given her up to this point! She's always carrying around her camera, an extra SD card, an extra battery, and her favorite lenses. Shop her brown Fawn Mini here.
#getdressedwithKJ + Fawn Design - Taylor
Taylor's always loved having her nails done but hates going to the salon because it's so expensive and she never left with exactly what she wanted. So, she started doing nails on her own and has gotten really good at it! Her favorite color is a classic pale pink because it goes with everything. Her biggest tip is to use an electric nail file to remove your gel polish. Its so much better for your nails and leaves them looking cleaner. Who would've known? Check out the sea glass Fawn Mini here.
If you had to choose, what would you fill your dream bag with? We had a blast getting to know our team better and we got some great packing tips for every occasion! These Fawn Minis are definitely our new favorites! We know we're all obsessed! Till next time  👋🏻.
Kortni Jeane + Team


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    I’d fill that G😍RGEOUS bag with a good book, a water bottle, probably a snack or two (because who doesn’t love and need snacks) and my Eno Hammock and go have a peaceful “kid-free” afternoon in the park! #dreams

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    Gorgeous styles! I am obsessed with those styles. I love all these fawns. They are blending with outfits perfectly. I like your article so much. Thanks for sharing. https://www.hancockssignetrings.com/cufflinks/chain-link/18ct-yellow-gold-chain-link-4x-plates

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