Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day! - Kortni Jeane
“Of all the titles I’ve been privileged to have, “Dad” has always been the best.” - Ken Norton
We’re so excited to celebrate all the father figures in your life and ours! Whether you have a house full of kids or if you’re flying in to hang with your nieces and nephews, we love you for teaching us what it means to be a good man. We’re sending out a huge THANK YOU to all of the father figures out there, from every walk of life. You are worth celebrating today and forever. 
One of our very favorite things is seeing men sport their Kortni Jeane swimmers! Every picture we see makes us smile! Nothing makes us happier than receiving messages from matching families, friends, and even grandpa’s celebrating their birthday in style! Thank you to all the incredible men who show us what it is to be a hard worker, teacher, fixer-upper, friend, adventurer, hero, and much much more! 
Thank you for being our heroes! From dressing up with your daughters to attending all your nephew’s baseball games, you have an important part in showing your loved ones what it means to be a good, honest, trustworthy man. Your example and efforts have not gone unnoticed. 
Thank you for serving us every day, making us laugh til we cry, and for giving your all into showing your loved ones you care for them. You truly are awesome! We hope all you fathers, soon-to-be fathers, and father figures out there have the best day! You deserve it!
Kortni + Team


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