Packing Your Hospital Bag

Packing Your Hospital Bag - Kortni Jeane
Packing Your Hospital Bag
So baby is on the way and you are as excited as ever! As you should be! But have you ever wondered what to pack in your hospital bag for delivery? Today for #3 of my baby features I’ve compiled a packing list for your hospital + delivery stay so you can pack ahead of time and relieve some of the stress of preparing for baby. These are some of my favorite tried & true items that I will never leave behind when I’m headed to the delivery room: 
Fawn Design WeekenderLou Lou and Company baby outfit"Going Home outfit"
  1. Fawn Design Weekender - this bag is the perfect size to fit all your needs without feeling too bulky and big. It has so many pockets to help keep items separated and organized/easy to find. Plus, the top of the bag opens nice and big so you can see everything at once! 
  1. Baby Outfit - Lou Lou and Company - You’ll want to snag a swaddle, top knot hat and top + bottom set as your “taking baby home” outfit! 
  1. Comfy clothes to wear home! aka your "Going Home outfit" - I recommend anything loose, soft, and comfortable! Your body just underwent some major trauma, be kind to it + pamper it!
My Favs: 
 kortni jeane clutchfavorite snackschargers
  1. Toiletry Bag - Kortni Jeane portfolio and clutch wet bags keep items separated and organized. Plus, they have a waterproof lining so any spills won’t leak all over your bag!  
  1. Favorite Snacks - You’ll want something to suck on while in labor since you aren't allowed to eat before delivery + some of your favorite snacks to eat while post delivery! 
  1. Chargers - You will have lots of moments you want to catch with your new little one. Make sure you are fully charged and ready for action.
face mist Comfortable Nursing Bras
  1. Face Mist - I wasn't one to pack much for the hospital. I didn't bother with makeup, but something I wish I had with my first was some kind of refreshing mist for my face to use during my stay.
Some I love:
  1. Comfortable Nursing Bras - I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, you need a super comfy bra. I had the hardest time finding one I liked and was comfortable in. Here are my favs:
White Noise Machinepromptly journals
    1. White Noise Machine- I didn't bring this with my first but I would have loved one for my own sanity, not so much the babies. Hospitals are busy no matter the time of day, on the flip side I hate when it's too quiet so having a white noise machine to have some consistency would be nice! My favorite that we have used for years is the Marpac Hushh because it's so small, travels and still puts out loud enough noise. Plus it's safe for baby. 
    1. Journal - capture those sweet moments and memories while they are fresh on your mind. 
    My favorite is the Promptly Journal - Childhood Memories. I keep track of each baby from pregnancy through 18 years all in one convenient place. It gives you prompts and different sections to keep track of all the moments big and small making it super easy and simple.
    Packing Your Hospital Bag
    Packing Your Hospital Bag
    Everyone is different and I know everyone’s hospital bags will change from mama to mama. Having these things helps my hospital stay run smoothly so baby + me can go with the flow. Definitely invest in these things if you feel they’ll be helpful to you! But most importantly, go into the labor process with an open mind and heart! What other hospital bag essentials were helpful for you?! Let us know below! And don’t forget to stay tuned for the rest of baby week! We’ve got more coming at ya that you won’t want to miss! 


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