5 Moves to Find the Best Swimmer Fit

5 Moves to Find the Best Swimmer Fit - Kortni Jeane

5 Moves to Find the Best Swimmer Fit

Want a swimmer that fits just right? Of course you do!! When a swimmer fits your wonderful body, you’re 100% more comfortable and confident! But you don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars on a custom-made swimsuit. We’ve got swimmers for every body type and every personality right here! Plus, we’re coming at ya with five moves to make sure your swimmer fits, so you’re extra sure that the swimmer you snagged is perfect for you!

Move #1: high knee raise

This move checks to make sure the leg hole in your swimmer bottoms isn't too big and you're getting the coverage you want around your booty. If the swimmer doesn't ride up too much, it fits! If you’re looking for a cheekier swim bottom, we have our Cut-High bottoms that show 2 more inches than our regular high-waisted bottoms.

Move #2: double arm raise

Raise both of your arms over your head to check to see if your swimmer top rides up just right or way too high. This is a personal preference but if the swimmer comes up too high for comfort, consider trying out a top with a little more length like our Ruffled Around, Swing, or Flutter top
5 Moves to Find the Best Swimmer Fit

Move #3: bend & snap

The “bend and snap” does more than winning over the postman (thanks Legally Blonde 😉). It also checks to see if you spill out of your swimmer, top or bottom. Bend over frontwards to see if the style is right for your bust and belly size. Once again, it’s up to your personal comfort level, but this will help you recognize if you’ll need to adjust your fit to be able to better move around. If you’re worried about too much showing in front try our Swing top or Ruffled Around top for higher coverage. Now for the snap. This will also help you gage if your bottoms fit right by how much they ride up. If you can snap back into place and they ride along with you, you’re set! If they’re riding too high, you may need to size up.

Move #4: relax the shoulders

Nothing is more annoying than straps not staying up am I right ladies? By completely relaxing your shoulders, you’ll know If your straps stay in place or fall right off. Luckily many swimmer tops have adjustable straps, but for those that don't, this is the right move to double check!
5 Moves to Find the Best Swimmer Fit

Move #5: side to side

Want to know the best way to find your natural waist? While standing, bend to the side. The crease is your natural waist. This will help you know where to measure for waist size. Our high-waisted bottoms are designed to sit at your natural waist line for a flattering, comfortable, and stylish fit! If your bottoms are hitting below your natural waist, or you’d like a more retro look our Extended bottoms are for you!
Ready to get that body moving?! The right moves will definitely help you decide if the swimmer fits! Don’t be afraid to move around because after all, swimmers are meant to be played in!
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