Our Favorite Summer Accessories

Our Favorite Summer Accessories - Kortni Jeane
What’s your perfect summer lineup? From bags to sunnies to sandals, accessories that pair perfectly with your swimmers give me all the summer feels! It’s hard to narrow down, but I put together a list of my favorite summer accessories this year. Take a look and don’t hesitate to dive into the links for some fun odds and ends, including some summer activities to do with your kiddos! 
1. A Good Book! Here’s my next read - I love a good + easy summer read.
2. SPF Lipbalm! All-natural forever to keep those lips safe under the sun. 
3. Kortni Jeane Bags! Clutches and portfolios are a great way to stay organized and protect your items from water, sand, sunscreen exploding, etc. Then throw them all inside a big beach bag (aka The Tote) to carry all your goods.
4. Lip + Cheek! Summer is for having fun adventures, not spending hours on your makeup. Lip + Cheek is my daily wear in the summer because it’s easy to use and adds a pop of color to your overall look. 
5. Stain Stick! Keep this on hand at all times. Perfect for popsicle spills, grass stains, bbq sauce - you name it. 
6. Polarized Sunglasses! Everyone needs a good pair of polarized sunglasses. Your eyes need some loving under the sun and they’re dang stylish too! 

7. Cheap Sunglasses! Take it from an expert, it’s okay to take cheap sunnies on water adventures, just in case they blow off your face while boating. 

8. Fun Beach/Pool Towel! Target has a bunch of options so don’t hesitate to snag one that really speaks to you.  

9. Summer Dress or Coverup! I like one, two, and three

10. Summer Skirt, Shorts, or Pants! I love a cute skirt, short, or pants to pair with my swimsuit so it isn’t completely covered! One \ two \ three \ four  

11. A Good Sun Hat! Keep your face and hair protected under a stylish sun hat - one \ two \ three

12. Sandals! Can’t have a great summer without cute and comfortable sandals - one \ two \ three \ four \ five  

13. Sidewalk chalk! Never underestimate the fun that sidewalk chalk can bring - even to a local park or beach sidewalk. Have older kiddos? Have them write uplifting messages and notes to leave behind. 

14. Pop-Pass-Catch Ball! Your little ones will LOVE popping, passing, and catching balls with these bad boys! 
15. Galaxy Rock Art! Go for a quick walk, gather some rocks on your way, then stop at a park to get your artistic juices flowing! 
Bring on the summer fun with these accessories and activities! Each summer is a chance to refresh your look, with books, sunglasses, and sandals included! What new accessory or activity are you most excited to try this summer? If you’re thinking, “I just can’t pull that off,” I’m here to tell you, yes you can! There’s never been a better time for body positivity influencing personal style or to create new memories with your little ones this summer!


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