Up Close Look: Oversized Ruffle!

Up Close Look: Oversized Ruffle! - Kortni Jeane
Now that they’ve been out into the world for a second time, are you sold on the Oversized Ruffle top yet?? We are obsessed with this top and couldn’t wait to bring it back for another go. There is so much to love about this unique top, we don’t even know where to start! Read on to see why this top is not to be missed! 
We’re a little obsessed with ruffles around here so we created our Oversized Ruffle top for women, youth, AND minis. And trust us, you’re going to die over the cuteness. 
For our ladies, we offer the Oversized Ruffle top in Women’s sizing (XS to XXL) and it is flattering on all body types! The ruffle in front is slightly larger on top than the bottom, accentuating your natural curves and making you look BOMB! The back doesn’t have a ruffle and creates an ideal contrast to the front. This top offers great coverage, style, and is truly unique – you won’t find this style anywhere else! And that’s not even the best part: the Oversized Ruffle top doesn’t have a shelf bra and is incredibly comfortable. Trust us when we say you don’t want to miss out on snatching one up for yourself. 
But why stop there?? Snatch up another Oversized Ruffle top for your mini and youth girls! Have you seen anything cuter than that mini ruffle?? The seam in the center of the ruffle fits snug around the chest and another layer of fabric underneath adds plenty of coverage. We carry the Oversized Ruffle for mini girls 12-18m months up to size 8/9. Trust us when we say, once you see this on baby girl, you’ll never go back! The itty bitty ruffle is too adorable to resist! 
For our tween girls, the ruffle fit is larger and adds plenty of coverage! The ruffle falls right at the top of our high-waisted bottoms, creating the perfect pairing. There’s plenty of stretch from this top, so it doesn’t even matter what bust size your girls are as they grow into womanhood. Plus, the thick ruffle keeps your girls safe from any see-through issues. There’s really nothing more comforting for our teens, amiright?! We carry this top in size 10/11 and 12/13 so check out our fit guide to pick the best fit. Pro tip: your girls may fit in XS small sizing too!
There’s one more bonus to the Oversized Ruffle top! It has adjustable and removable straps, perfect for avoiding those tan lines and keeping your top in place for your swim. Wear it as a bandeau top on the beach or add straps for jumping into waves with your kids. 
What do you think? Is the Oversized Ruffle top a new favorite?! You better believe the matching photos on this one are on point! Seriously, this top won’t be around forever so don’t miss your chance to snag it from our Boundless and Spring Fling collections ASAP!
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