Tips for Getting Active Outside

Tips for Getting Active Outside - Kortni Jeane
Summer isn’t stopping or slowing down and that’s fine by us! It’s time to get yourself that swimmer you’ve been eyeing, put it on, and enjoy every minute of it☀️ Sunshine also means spending as much time as possible outdoors, so why not take your exercise routines or activities outside?! Today we’re coming at you with 15 easy ways to get active outside this summer! Get ready to mix active with fun so we can have the best summer possible!
1. Bike to Work
2. Go for a walk during your lunch hour
3. Jog while listening to your favorite podcasts
4. Hike a new trail each week
5. Invest in rollerblades + go for a spin
6. Play catch or frisbee with friends, family, or co-workers
7. Explore a different park every week
8. Become a tourist of your city + visit different attractions on foot/bike
9. Walk to run your errands
10. Sign up for an outdoor yoga class
11. Start a beach volleyball team/tournament
12. Find a local HIIT outdoor challenge
13. Park strength training + make the jungle gym your personal outdoor gym
14. Take up stand-up paddleboarding
15. Our personal favorite… go swimming! 
Bring on the late-night bbq’s, lounging on the beach, and enjoying all the time we can outside! What are your favorite ways to get active outside?! Let’s hope this warm weather sticks around for a looooooooong time so we can enjoy these activities for a while! Long live pool parties, splash pads, water parks, and everything in between. 
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