Our Office Jams!

Our Office Jams! - Kortni Jeane

Kortni Jeane Office Jams Playlist

Work hard play hard! We're always jamming out in the office + our warehouse so we thought we'd share a few team favorites that help us get work done! These are truly our JAMS! Just this week we had all of the girls on our team add some of their favorite songs to our playlist to get a little taste of everyone's style. The best part - trying to guess who added what song! We had a blast guessing and were shocked at some of our teams genre favorites that we would've never guessed. We've got everything from Justin Bieber to ABBA on here to make you feel like busting a move! These songs make our moods go from zero to hero, so check them out and follow along so that you can party like we do at KJ!

Now give us ALL your music suggestions so that we can jam out at our next late night shipping party! We're always loving new music suggestions! Send them our way by commenting some of your new favorite songs below.

Kortni Jeane Office Jams
And, if you want more fun music suggestions, check out our past playlists! We hope this playlist motivates you and gets you through the daily grind!
Kortni Jeane + Team 

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  • Hannah Christensen on

    Saltwater by Geowolf 🌴🌊🌴🌊🌴

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