Holiday Gift Guide ❄️ For the Mom

Holiday Gift Guide ❄️  For the Mom - Kortni Jeane
Moms are the best when it comes to shopping for others, but what gifts do they really want? We’ve got some ideas! We wanted this year’s gift guide for moms to be all about HER! Whether you’re shopping for your own mother, wife, perhaps gathering ideas for yourself (we know how it is 😉) every mom deserves to be spoiled rotten this year! So what are you waiting for!? We have gifts for a variety of budgets that will make mom feel lucky as can be!
Cute loungewear - Shop Plain Jane

1. Cute loungewear - Shop Plain Jane

Whether she’s a stay-at-home mom or working mom, comfy AND cute loungewear is the way to go! These Plain Jane items are absolutely adorable and once she tries them she’ll never settle for anything less. Let’s be real for a sec - moms don’t have time for uncomfortable clothing, so loungewear is a must! Plain Jane loungewear makes it easy to feel comfortable without the frumpy feeling that comes from staying in your PJ’s all day. There’s nothing like making mama feel like a queen!
Bamboo sheets - Cozy Earth

2. Bamboo sheets - Cozy Earth

These sheets are a dream come true! They’re long lasting, easy to clean, and best of all they’re temperature and humidity regulating. If you overheat at night or sleep in the same bed as someone that does, these work miracles! They have extremely high ratings for good reason! Every mom deserves the comfiest and coziest bed in the house so what are you waiting for!?


Baby laundry detergent - The Laundress


3. Baby laundry detergent - The Laundress

Ok hear me out...this laundry detergent is not just for babies! It’s perfect for the whole family, so whether you’re using it for babies, moms, bedding, or bath towels, it’s proven to be less irritating, all-natural, and eco-friendly. It’s the little things in life that make all the difference so trust us, this is not a silly gift! Pair it with our Stain Stick and you’ve got some magic!

Matching mommy + mini swimmers - Kortni Jeane

4. Matching mommy + mini swimmers - Kortni Jeane

Matching with your littles is goals! It’s just too cute to pass up! We always have matching mommy + mini colors and patterns whether you’re shopping for babies, mini girls and boys, or youth. The whole family can match for your next vacation so surprise mom this year with what she really wants! 


Customizable tile mat - Letterfolk

5. Customizable tile mat - Letterfolk

On to home decor! These tile mats can go anywhere and everywhere! Customize them according to each area of the house or for the holidays. It’s all up to you! They’re also easy to wipe down and clean, making them extremely mom-friendly. Who wouldn’t want one of these for their house entryways?

All Over Ointment - Tubby Todd

6. All Over Ointment - Tubby Todd

It’s all in the name here. All Over Ointment can be used for anything from eczema to stretch marks. Once again, this product is great for kiddos and mammas alike. It will become your go-to balm for everything! There’s nothing like spoiling yourself and your fellow moms with the best quality products like these!

 Custom print - Celeste Clark


7. Custom print - Celeste Clark

These prints are absolutely darling and they speak for themselves! You can purchase custom family portraits or buy a variety of other darling prints that will make the mom you're shopping for smile. Celeste Clark is insanely talented and these light up any home! 

Jet Lag Mask - Summer Fridays

8. Jet Lag Mask - Summer Fridays

Only the best for mom! Spoil her with this rich hydrating face mask. It leaves your skin moisturized and silky soft, brightening up your everyday look. Whether she’s a low-maintenance skincare gal or goes all out for her routine, this gives a little extra boost and makes her feel like the queen she is.

Wave Artist Deep Waver for Beachy Waves - Bed Head

9. Wave Artist Deep Waver for Beachy Waves - Bed Head

Wave irons are all the rage and we have a little secret for you… they’re SO easy to use and create waves that last for days (with a little help from some dry shampoo)! This is a hairstyle we think all moms should try! The wave iron has been highly recommended and gives deep beach waves that don’t look too “crimped.” It’s also one of the cheaper wave iron options, so we’re even more on board! Are you converted yet?

Super Simple Cook Book - Half Baked Harvest

10. Super Simple Cook Book - Half Baked Harvest

We’re even drooling over the cover of this! Half Baked Harvest has so many gorgeous, delicious, and manageable recipes and we’re obsessed! This book is not only beautiful to display, but also loaded with tons of recipes you’ll be dying to try. Everything looks so delicious; how will we ever choose!? I guess we’ll have to try them all! YUM!

Organizing crates - Hay

11. Organizing Crates - Hay

These are so cute and inexpensive! They're available in several sizes so you can use them for anything, from snacks to dishes to books. These are great for putting in your car on the go, keeping in a camper, or organizing your pantry. The colors make everything look cute, modern, and just add a little extra organization to your space.

Waterproof Clutch - Kortni Jeane


12. Waterproof Clutch - Kortni Jeane

Speaking of organizing, these clutches come in clutch! They’re waterproof AND machine washable so you can use them for absolutely everything. We’ve seen moms use them for snacks, diapers and wipes, kids’s toys, makeup, travel accessories, and much much more. These are every mom’s best friend!

Diaper Bag - Fawn Design

13. Diaper Bag - Fawn Design

Fawn Design made diaper bags cute and there’s no going back! Mom deserves the very best and these bags are just that. They came out with their Anthropologie collection this year and it is to die for! Every color and style is high quality, loaded with pockets, and goes with everything. What more could you ask for in a bag? Fawn bags also last forever so they’re worth the splurge, especially for that mom you have in mind. 

 Pouf - Woven Nook

14. Pouf - Woven Nook

These poufs are just too beautiful to pass up! They tie together any living room or bedroom and add some texture to the mix. They’re super soft too so yes, you’re one step closer to avoiding the kids slamming into the coffee table. Whether your mom is great at interior design or doesn’t know what to do with the space, this can easily be incorporated to add some comfort and style to any space. Did we mention they’re durable and meant to last for years to come!?

Recipe tin - Rifle Paper Co.

15. Recipe Tin - Rifle Paper Co.

We’re all about making the little things beautiful and this recipe tin is the perfect example! It’s absolutely darling and deserves to be used and displayed! It comes with 24 recipe cards so when gifting it you can write in a few family recipes to add a personal touch. 

Softest blanket EVER - Saranoni

16. Softest blanket EVER - Saranoni

These blankets are made of the softest material in the world! Moms deserve to be spoiled with the best of the best and this is it! You can get any size or color and even embroider it to personalize your gift. Say hello to family snuggles, movie nights, and never wanting to let go of this precious blanket!

Everything Spray - Primally Pure

17. Everything Spray - Primally Pure

We’d highly recommend anything and everything from Primally Pure, but if you’re going for an all-in-one solution to make that mom feel refreshed and put together, this is it! You can use it on your face as a moisture sealer and toner, spritz it on your legs post shave, or spray it on your underarms after the gym to refresh. It’s all natural and safe for kids so there’s no scares there. From spa night to on the go, this will be a great go-to!

Childhood History Journal - Promptly Journals

18. Childhood History Journal - Promptly Journals

Moms can fill these out on their own or together with their kids. They have prompts to help you remember those special moments, keep track of milestones, and never miss a memory. This gift is truly heartfelt and precious! 

Car Seat BFF - Drivewel Co.

19. Car Seat BFF - Drivewel Co.

We’ve all had the struggle of dropping our wallet/keys/phone in the crack between the car seat and console. Why does it always happen at the worst times and why are these things always so hard to find!? Busy moms on the go will thank you for this invention! These car seat bffs go right in between the seat and console so she’ll never have to worry about anything falling into the deep abyss ever again. Say goodbye to that daily frustration! 

Always Pan - From Our Place

20. Always Pan - From Our Place

This is the most popular pan of the year. So why is it hitting the world by storm? It’s insanely practical AND adds a beautiful aesthetic to your kitchen. You can fry, saute, steam, and basically do everything else with this one pan. It’s super sturdy, high-quality, dish-washer friendly, non-stick and so much more. Let’s up mom’s kitchen game and style with this 8-in-one favorite.

So what are you excited to snag for that special mom in your life? We know she’ll love it! Looking for more ideas? We have a blog post filled with gift ideas for moms with a newborn so check that out to get ideas for new moms. If you have more ideas comment down below and share the love! We can’t wait to see how you all spoil the mamas in your life this year because after all, she deserves it the most!
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Holiday Gift Guide  For the Mom


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