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Cozy Up ☕️ - Kortni Jeane
cozy up in the winter
The best part of winter is that it’s the time of year to cozy up with a hot cup of cocoa, a good book, and a warm fire. Seriously, December-January is hibernation season and we are loving it! Obviously we love summer even more, but the warmth and comfort of winter is almost too good to pass up. Check out our favorite cozy activities and a quick list of Kortni’s favorite cozy things. 
  1. Read a book: pick up that book you’ve always meant to read. Or look up a list of classics and pick one from the list. Or re-visit one of your very favorite novels. Whatever you choose, give yourself the time to relax and dive headfirst into its pages. You can even download the audio book to listen to it by the fire, but make sure you don’t fall asleep and miss the whole thing! 
  2. Bake a pie: nothing ups the coziness of your space like the smell of a pie baking in the oven. Baking may seem stressful, especially if it’s for a particular event or if baking is a new skill, so make this pie for you! Take your time, try a new recipe, and make it a relaxing and cozy experience. 
  3. Draw a hot bath: If you’re looking to warm up, indulge in a soothing bath. Whether it’s a DIY milk bath or a deep soak bath, talk about a cozy self-care activity. Make your bathroom the coziest room in your space by lighting your favorite candles! Enjoy yourself, make it yours, and embrace the cozy. 
  4. Write a Letter: skip the text message or IG comment. Write a card or letter to a loved one you haven’t spoken to in a while. Put on your coziest sweater and socks, set yourself up at a desk or by the fire, and let your thoughts and feelings about your loved one grace the page. They’ll love receiving it almost as much as you writing it! 
  5. Have a Movie Marathon: Do you have a movie or tv series you just love and always come back to? Now’s the time to break it out again! Whether it’s Indiana Jones, Pirates of the Caribbean, or a Jane Austen marathon, pop some popcorn, bundle up, and enjoy yourself for a cozy night of triple+ features!
  6. Build a Fire: When it’s freezing outside, few things compare to cozying up by the fire in the comfort of your own space. Whether you’ve got a fireplace inside, or a fire pit just outside, build the fire to your liking and enjoy every minute of it! Maybe enjoy s’mores once the coals are nice and toasty!  

ways to Cozy up in the winter

7. Puzzles: You can’t leave puzzles off of a cozy activity list! Puzzles are a great way to gather everyone together and get your brain going. Plus, puzzles are the perfect pair for holiday movies, going through a tv-series, or even just getting to know your puzzle partner even better. Puzzle snacks are also a plus! 

8. Watercoloring: Have you noticed how painting with watercolors has come back?? The process of painting with watercolors can be very therapeutic and leave you feeling warm and cozy. Plus, the look of watercolors is very on-trend this season, so you can kill time by making gifts this year instead of buying them!  Watercolors is an all around win!

9. Make Music: If you play an instrument, sing, or even want to develop a musical skill for the first time, nothing beats the magic of making music. Some families even make this a tradition during the winter months! Like watercoloring, this could be a hobby you revisit or one you start brand new. Make it yours and keep it cozy. 

10. Go for a Drive: Your car can be a pretty cozy place! Pack up some blankets, cozy tunes, and a thermos of hot cocoa, and then go for a drive. Check out the local scenery or find a good spot to watch the sunset. Keep the heater going for the ultimate cozy retreat and bring a loved one.  

Which cozy activity sounds the best to you?? They all sound so wonderful, we may have to work our way through all of them. But not too fast, so we can keep that warm and cozy feeling through it all. But wait! Staying cozy wouldn’t be the same without Kortni’s favorite things for bundling up with. Check it out: 

Kortni’s favorites:

Sweaters: Madewell or ASOS
Pants: Target Sweats or Amazon
Slippers: Target or Free People or FamilyFairy
Blankets: Saranoni
Cozy Drinks: Hot Cocoa + Peppermint Candy Cane, Apple Cider, Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Steamer 
Cozy Pastimes: Holiday Movies! Baking cookies, playing UNO + Wackee Six, curling up to a good book by a fire. 
Kortni knows how to have a cozy good time! But where are you going to start? Or what other activities and comfy things do you recommend that we can add to our list? Let us know below and stay cozy!
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