Holiday Gift Guide ❄️ For Your Bestie

Holiday Gift Guide ❄️  For Your Bestie - Kortni Jeane
Shopping for your bestie? We’ve got some practical, darling, and unique gifts up our sleeve! We asked the ladies in our office what they’re shopping for this year for both themselves and their friends and we got some fabulous ideas! No matter your price range, you’re sure to find some great options for your girlfriends below 👇🏼
Maude Hoop Earrings - Made By Mary

1. Maude Hoop Earrings - Made By Mary

Believe me, she will wear these EVERY DAY. These hoops come in silver, gold, and rose gold and they go with absolutely everything. They’re slightly chunkier than regular thin hoops while still being lightweight. You can wear them daily to dress up loungewear or complete your look for out and about. This style of earring is a classic this year and they’re not going anywhere. Made By Mary jewelry is also super high quality so you can’t go wrong. You’re going to want to match your bestie with these ones!
Tanning drops - Bronze Bod

2. Tanning drops - Bronze Bod

If you haven’t hopped on the tanning drops train yet, these will change your mind! Tanning drops brighten up your face and give it a healthy glow year-round without sun damage. These particular drops are made from a small business and don’t leave that dreaded orange residue that we all hate. Your bff will thank you for this practical beauty gift!
Circle Bag - Fawn Design

3. Circle Bag - Fawn Design

If you’re willing to splurge a little extra for your friend this year, this is the CUTEST bag! It comes in several adorable colors and will be her go-to bag for going out. Fawn Design released their neon collection this year and we’ve been obsessed with the neon pink and yellow accent bags since day one. These are the perfect option for a handy small purse with a little modern twist.
Slippers - Lates by Kate

4. Slippers - Lates by Kate

Why do so many of us still not own a good pair of comfy slippers? There’s no turning back once you own a pair and these slippers are perfect for the softness and comfort you're looking for without costing an arm and a leg. They’re made with a memory foam sole so your friend will feel like she’s walking on a cloud. Spoiling your girlfriends is fun isn’t it!? 😉
Kitchen Towels - Geometry House

5. Kitchen Towels - Geometry House

Let’s add a little bit of spice to that. 👌🏻 We’re all about adding style and personal touch to our kitchen, how about you? These towels are the perfect avenue to do so! Geometry House has loads of different designs to choose from so you can be sure that they’ll be completely unique to your home. Find a couple that suit your bestie, wrap them with a pumpkin cookie mix, and bam! You’ve got the perfect homey gift to make anyone feel loved.
 Puzzles - Eeboo

6. Puzzles - Eeboo

Eeboo has the most colorful, unique, and trendy puzzles we’ve seen! Plus, you’ll be shopping from a woman owned sustainable small business. They have everything from darling cityscapes to florals to Frida Kahlo puzzles. If your bestie loves puzzles and needs a cute box to go on her coffee table this is the perfect gift!
Luna Facial Spa Massager and Cleanser - Foreo

7. Luna Facial Spa Massager and Cleanser - Foreo

Everyone has been raving about this facial scrubber this year. It helps exfoliate your skin and works wonders for removing blackheads. If you or your bestie have been on the lookout for skincare products this is worth the splurge! They sell it in multiple sizes and styles so find which one works best for you and give it a try!
Lip + Cheek - Kortni Jeane

8. Lip + Cheek - Kortni Jeane

KJ Lip + Cheek is the best stocking stuffer AND it costs less than $20. We have 8 colors in our collection and each and every one has it’s own unique look. These are super easy to use make-up sticks for your lips + cheeks that give a hint of color and that healthy highlighting glow that’s so in right now. Give your girlfriend a makeup product she can use every day, you won’t regret it!
Hair care products - Dae

9. Hair care products - Dae

We’re listing yet another beauty product because ladies like us deserve the best right!? This shampoo and conditioner is probably the prettiest thing you’ve ever seen and it actually works! It’s great for your hair, smells like orange blossoms, and you can get any of their products depending on your price range. If your bestie loves at home spa nights and hair masks, the deep conditioning treatment is a must! You two can even have a girls night and treat yourselves!
 Happiness Runs Vintage Crop - Free People

10. Happiness Runs Vintage Crop - Free People

This is the top you’ve probably seen all the influencers wearing this year and guess lives up to the hype! You know how we feel about ribbed material - oh so soft and comfortable! You can wear it with or without a bra depending on your comfort level. Best of all, it comes in like 30 different colors. This is the best workout top of the year and we need it in every color! Get your bestie hooked!
Reusable glass straws - HeykirHome

11. Reusable glass straws - HeykirHome

You had us at reusable! We’re all about creating more sustainable habits and these straws just make us feel fancy! It feels like you're getting your morning smoothie from a nice restaurant and who wouldn’t want that? This package comes with 12 straws and a cleaning brush. It’s a great inexpensive gift for your gal pals who want to save the planet one little step at a time.
Biker shorts - Girlfriend

12. Biker shorts - Girlfriend

What better place to shop for your girlfriend than with Girlfriend? These biker shorts are adorable and we support this brand with all of our hearts! It’s sustainable, body positive, and high-quality. What color will you snag?
Razor Starter Kit - Billie

13. Razor Starter Kit - Billie

These razors actually work. Seriously we know the struggle. 🤦🏼‍♀️ This is yet another product that you’ll never want to go back from. Give your girlfriend the gift of silky soft legs this Christmas. 
Wireless Charger - Rifle Paper Co.

14. Wireless Charger - Rifle Paper Co.

Everyone needs a wireless charger, but why not make it cute? Absolutely everything from Rifle Paper Co. is adorable and these are no exception. They have pink or blue so you can even get one for both you and your friend to match! We’re obsessed with matching besties too, can’t you tell? 
Who’s Most Likely To game

15. Who’s Most Likely To

Quirky games make the perfect gifts for friends! "Who’s most likely to" is just how it sounds -- you’ll get a list of funny things and vote who’s most likely to do them. Whether you know each other super well or are just starting to get to know one another, this will bring out the fun in everyone! Will this be your next party game?
Birdies personal safely alarm

16. Personal Safety Alarm - Birdie

Everyone should have one of these little personal alarms. They’re super easy to use and they give peace of mind, especially to those who love to run, come to and from campus in the dark, and even just walk around town alone. Birdie alarms come in bright colors so they’re easy to find in your purse and although they may seem like a silly gift, the peace of mind is worth it!
Heat pad - Anthropologie

17. Heat pad - Anthropologie

If you know you know! We gotta make sure every girl has a heating pad whether it’s for their time of the month or cozying up in the winter. These Anthropologie ones are absolutely darling and made with a soft velvety fabric that will make you never want to leave the heating pad at home!
 Selfie Ring Light - Urban Outfitters

18. Selfie Ring Light - Urban Outfitters

This mini version of a ring light attaches right on your phone is perfect for those friends who love creating content, from Instagram make-up tutorials to Tik Tok dancing. Once you see how much better quality the photos and videos with a ring light are you’ll want one for yourself!
Shopping for our besties is a blast! We have so many fun ideas here to choose from for years to come. What are you getting for your girlfriends this year!? Comment down below so we can hear what fun surprises you have in store!
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