#kortnijeanehalloween 2021 Winners!

#kortnijeanehalloween 2021 Winners! - Kortni Jeane

Drum roll please…
🥁 It’s time to announce our #kortnijeanehalloween costume contest winners for 2021! This year you all took the costume contest to the next level and we are here for it! We were blown away by your creativity and cannot believe how many costumes you can come up with in your KJ swimmers. The options are truly endless! But you definitely made picking winners SO MUCH HARDER. So without further adieu, here are our wonderful winners! 
@aubrey.stock put together this perfect ensemble and won FIRST PLACE for the GRAND PRIZE! With Matilda and Julius Rottwinkle to complete the look, Miss Trunchbull takes the prize as our Kortni Jeane Halloween champion. Did we give her first because we’re afraid of the chokey? We’ll never tell! Check out their post and congratulate her yourself! 
Look at our darling Stay Puft Marshmallow! Our 2nd place winner is @sarajanese with her cute and chunky baby of a marshmallow. This take on a classic Ghostbusters character made modern again, the Stay Puft Marshmallow costume was too clever! 
Could I BE wearing anymore clothes?! Finally our 3rd place winner is @natalie.kipp.31! Joey from Friends in swimmers on swimmers is something we never thought we’d see! This one definitely gave us a laugh and took us back to a classic Friends moment with good ol’ Joey Tribbiani. How you doin?  
Are you as impressed as we are? Thank you all so much for participating! Don’t forget to check out the rest of this year’s amazing entries at #kortnijeanehalloween! We look forward to getting to know you all every year, especially through our fun Halloween festivities. You are all so full of creative ideas and we can’t get enough of it! Now who’s already brainstorming for next year?? It’s never too early to start! We know for a fact we’ll be looking forward to many many more Spooktobers to come. 
Kortni + Team


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