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Best Places to Travel for Halloween - Kortni Jeane
Halloween is around the corner and we are giddy about it! Bring on the candy, costumes, and spooks! With our own parties and costumes coming to life, we couldn’t help but wonder, “where do the best Halloween parties happen throughout the world?” The travel bug lives on even into Spooktober, so we made the ultimate list of the best places to visit that celebrate Halloween! Take a look at where we should spend next Halloween, around the world and close to home:
Believe it or not, but Halloween has become very popular across Belgium, and we don’t blame them. Who can resist the ghoulish events of Spooktober?! Brussels takes it to the next level by dyeing a city swimming pool red, transforming it into a “bloodbath” and inviting kids decked out in costumes to come swim! This is the ultimate time to show off your Kotni Jeane Halloween costumes, amiright?! You can also enjoy ghost tours, parties, creep parades, and so much more. Sign us up for Belgium’s Halloween city!  
Who wouldn’t want to celebrate Halloween at the place it was born?! Halloween can trace back to Celetic celebrations (such as Samhain) so don’t be surprised when you find fortune-telling, bonfires, and dressing up in Ireland! Derry City in particular hosts one of the biggest Halloween festivals around at the Banks of Foyle Halloween Carnival. Travel here for haunted houses, ghost tours, horror storytelling and food galore. Dublin is also a great starting point for Halloween celebrations. If you’re a fan of spooks like we are, put Ireland on your bucket list. 
Very much like Ireland, Scotland also shares those Celtic roots so Halloween is an integral part of Scottish culture. Travel here for Halloween to see “guising” children going from door to door, carrying lanterns made out of turnips, gathering sweets or coins. You’re also likely to see apple dunking, also known as bobbing for apples. Make sure to check out Edinburgh’s Royal Mile if you’re visiting Scotland to see its creepy vaults, underground passageways and unsolved mysteries. Sounds like a spooky good time! 
Say hello to creative costume parties, themed events in cafes and restaurants, and all-night scary movie marathons! Amsterdam knows how to do Halloween right! And whether it’s a night of family fun or a night for friends, there is something for everyone. From ghost tours to concerts, Amsterdam has it all, including the legendary Monster Ball, the ultimate Halloween festival. Sounds like our kind of party {maybe we’ll have Kortni’s Munch in Amsterdam one year…} 
London, England
With it’s dark dungeons, ancient buildings, and ghostly attractions, London is the place to be for Halloween. Who knew England was so full of spooky castles and haunted places?! One of the must-see attractions are the London Dungeons (full of terror) and the Jack the Ripper Walk (to explore the alleyways and dark streets where the Victorian serial killer haunts). Plus there are tons of parties all around, like the Camden Halloween Carnival! Gotta love London! 
We know it may seem like an unusual Halloween location, but Italy celebrates All Saints’ Day and it’s a pretty big deal. Celebrations are different from region to region, but Venice celebrates this holiday by dressing up in costumes and visiting the many haunted islands around it. Venice also holds spectacular masquerade balls, which sound super extravagant. Or visit the Italian Capital of Halloween, Corinaldo, which holds a fire festival on October 31st and has other spooky attractions leading up to all Hallows Eve. So when are we leaving for Italy?!
Hong Kong
Hong Kong has embraced Halloween and we love them for it! Lan Kwai Fong has an annual Halloween Street Party with amazing deals, themed menus, and costumes galore. It’s like a giant costume party so get ready to show off your greatest creation! Hong Kong also is home to theme parks like Disneyland and Ocean Park that are chock full of Halloween events. Or if you’re looking for a more traditional Halloween experience, participate in the Hungry Ghost Festival where people give gifts to the spirits of the dead. No matter what you choose to do, Hong Kong is the Halloween Capital of Asia and you won’t regret visiting. 
If Pixar’s Coco taught us anything it’s that Mexico celebrates Dia de los Muertos, or the Day of the Dead. However, this celebration takes place over three days, starting on October 31st through November 2nd. It is believed that on these days the spirits return to the land of the living to be together with their families. Join in on the festivities with carnival-like processions, street markets, candle-light vigils, and celebrate in skeleton costumes with colorful flowers, bright colors, and skulls! The best places to visit for Dia de los Muertos are Oaxaca, Mexico City or even Los Angeles (if you’re wanting to stay close to home). Just know, you should never call them Halloween parties as they are so much more than that!
Transylvania, Romania
Count Dracula’s home actually exists?! Every year tourists flock to Transylvania to celebrate Halloween in the shadow of Bran Castle for a truly spooky experience. Romania is the home of many spooky castles and they also celebrate the Day of the Dead on November 1st that even extends to November 31st with the Feast of St. Andrew. This way, Spooktober can extend into Thanksgiving’s territory. 
Last but not least of must-see locations for Halloween is Prague in the Czech Republic. Prague is one of the most Gothic cities in Europe, making it an incredible place for Halloween celebrations. You’ll find ghoulish local legends, the Torture Museum, and huanted cemeteries. Prague doesn’t traditionally celebrate our favorite holiday but there are exciting ways to celebrate anyways! 
Salem, Massachusetts
What better place to celebrate all Hallows Eve than the home of the Salem witch trials? The historical town of Salem is the best place to experience creepy witches as well as many October festivities. Every year Salem holds Haunted Happenings, a month-long festival that begins with a parade and includes a witch market, ghost stories, the famous Witches’ Halloween Ball, and a firework show on the 31st! You may have to spend all of Spooktober in Salem to really make the most of it!
Sleepy Hollow, New York
Ever heard of the legend of Sleepy Hollow?! You’ll learn all about it if you spend your next Halloween 15 miles north of New York City! Sleepy Hollow offers fun for all with haunted hayrides, Gothic mansions, blazing pumpkins, farmers markets, and even a custom 5K run! But wait, don’t forget about the Headless Horseman! He’ll definitely make many appearances throughout October and you won’t want to miss it! 
New York, New York
There’s a reason New York is everyone’s favorite city: it’s always a party! Every year, the Big Apple has the Greenwich Village Halloween Parade and anyone can participate! All you have to do is dress up in a costume to walk the streets of the city, and it goes from dawn till dusk. Even if you don’t want to walk the parade, watching with over two million people is an experience unlike any other. Plus, get ready to trick or treat again as many businesses and bars hand out candy all day long. Talk about a Halloween party we can get behind. 
Seattle, Washington
Everything’s haunted in Seattle and it’s the perfect place to celebrate Halloween. Haunted Chocolate Factory Tours for candy lovers, This is Halloween shows for Tim Burton fans, a Halloween Pet Parade where pets dress up with their human friends, Fear on the Pier with underwater spooks and underwater pumpkin carving, you name it! There’s honestly so much to do and fun for every age, so don’t hold back if you’re visiting Seattle in October.  
New Orleans, Louisiana
Looking for spooky locations and mind-blowing costumes? Look no further! New Orleans is one of the most haunted cities in America, making it the perfect Halloween destination. Enjoy events and parties like the Vampire Ball, the Voodoo Music Festival, the Halloween Spooktacular Family concert and the Bourbon Street parade. You can also look into taking ghost tours of the French Quarter, so there really is something for everyone at this spooky location.
Independence, Kansas
In the town of Independence, get ready to celebrate Neewollah (Halloween spelled backwards)! Neewollah is a unique ten-day festival full of parades, music, and lots and lots of chili! One of the festival’s most popular traditions is a chili cook off and the winner gets $500 for their incredible creation. If you want to celebrate Halloween a little differently this year, head on over to Independence!
St. Louis, Missouri
Halloween is no joking matter in St. Louis and there’s so much to see! The St. Louis Zoo hosts a not-so-scary Boo at the Zoo where families can enjoy Halloween decorations, storytellers, and kids’ entertainment. Or head on over to the Haunted History Tours at the Lemp Mansion for a spooky experience. Last but not least, get ready to experience the best haunted house in America! The Darkness Haunted House has been rated as the BEST and we can’t wait to see why! There’s something for everyone so don’t wait to spend Halloween in St. Louis. 
Chatham, Massachusetts
There’s something spooky about spending Halloween night in a small town, away from the lights of a city. Chatham is a scenic seaside town and is known for its annual “Pumpkin People in the Park” event. Every year, locals create fun and quirky pumpkin creations to display in their yards. And it’s a great site to see! The Cape Cod town also throws Oktoberfest with plenty of food and Halloween activities to enjoy. If you’re looking for a small town Halloween experience, Chatham is your next stop!   
St. Helens, Oregon 
Raise of hands if you love the iconic Disney movie Halloweentown! Many of the scenes were filmed at St. Helen’s, including the annual giant pumpkin lighting. This is the perfect place to celebrate Halloween if you’re looking for small town holiday fun. There’s something quirky and charming about visiting small town festivals, scavenger hunts, craft fairs, and even haunted houses. Locals welcome visitors and can get in on the fun at all the “Spirit of Halloweentown” events!   
Orlando, Florida
And finally, no Halloween list would be complete without Mickey’s Boo Bash! For all our fellow Disney fans, you have to celebrate at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom where you finally get to dress up as your favorite Disney characters, trick or treat at your favorite rides, and enjoy Disney late into the night. If you’re looking for scarier thrills, head to Universal Orlando for Horror Nights (similar to Universal California). You can also find some not-so-scary but way fun Halloween events at Legoland, which your littles would love. 
From haunted houses to killer Halloween parties, there is a lot to see and experience for Halloween all around the world! Don’t mind us as we spend the next 20 Halloween’s checking off each place on this list. Where do you think you’ll visit next? Did we miss any great places that celebrate Halloween? Comment below so we don’t miss out on the ultimate spooks! 
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