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KJ Vacationers - Kortni Jeane
What kind of vacationer are you?? I love to adventure and try new things but also enjoy diving into a good book poolside for hours on end, give me a mixture and I’m happy🌴But enough about me, I want to know where I’d find you! Take a look at our five types of vacationers below and decide which one best suits you:
1. The Poolside Princess
You’re here for the pool and the Instagram pics. Whether that means you’re playing water volleyball, reading under a cabana, or getting your tan on, you go on vacation to live by the pool. That means ordering drinks + food poolside, occasionally taking a dip in the cool water, and sporting shades with the cutest KJ combo you’ve ever created. Don’t forget your sunscreen!
2. The Uptown Girl 
You’re here to see the city and taste the food. Not only are you taking taxis from one site to the next, you’re stopping at the city's best restaurants or bakeries for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Meals and seeing the sites are your no. 1 priority, and for good reason. You know that vacation is about taking in the culture, history, and life of the city you’re visiting, both close to home or abroad. Be sure to pack your favorite outfits so you look good while you’re at it! 
3. The Resort Babe
You’re here to relax and to be pampered. You’re likely to be found at a Resort and Spa or on a classy cruise line, complete with pool time as well as high heels + makeup in the evening. You like to vacation in style and luxury, and we don’t blame you! You may dabble in on-shore excursions, but you’re more than happy to spend your trip being pampered by food, facials, and resort entertainment.  
4. The Beach Bum
You’re here for a good time, not a long time. Whether you’re vibing to your favorite playlist, skating down a beachside trail, or surfing the waves on your surfboard, your vacation is all about the chill. You’re likely to be found in surf towns and beach side rentals, complete with a classic volkswagen van and a pair of comfy sweatpants for the evening. Do we see a bonfire in your future? Most definitely. Go ahead, lose yourself in your vacation.  
5. The Adventurer
You’re here to explore and find adventure. You’re the one who spends most of your vacation doing activities and exploring. Whether that’s beach volleyball, sailing, hiking or scuba diving, you’re constantly moving. You’re likely to be found with a passport, trail mix, and a solid camera in your bag as well as a list of things you’re going to do. Only bring swimmers and friends that can keep up!
Let’s pack our bags and unplug all together in a dreamy place! If you’re anything like me, I miss my swimsuit {it’s been like a whole week} so I’m always ready to go on vacation. Which vacationer were you? And where are your favorite spots you’ve visited?! Comment below to tell me all about YOU! 
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