Kortni Jeane Mantra

Kortni Jeane Mantra - Kortni Jeane
If you’ve scrolled through our feed you’ve probably seen the Kortni Jeane mantra! 
The Kortni Jeane girl is comfortable and confident in her own skin. She doesn’t compare or judge but rather embraces her body and makes it work. 
To every Kortni Jeane girl out there, 
You are magic
You are one of a kind
You are enough
Embrace it. Love it. 
xoxo Kortni
Our hope is that every woman who puts on a Kortni Jeane swimmer feels like this! Everything we do revolves around these truths, from rockin’ swimmers to engaging posts on social media. Today we’re coming at you with the six traits that work as a foundation for Kortni Jeane and make our mantra possible. Check them out!
To be confident is to be comfortable in your own skin and self-assured that you are one of a kind. When we’re confident, we’re more likely to show ourselves love, move forward with new opportunities, and to try again when things get tough. Being confident shows when you avoid comparing or judging and embrace your body! Here at KJ, we believe that confidence is the first step in putting on the suit and believing that you are enough right here, right now. 
To be intentional is to be deliberate and conscious with every word, action, and thought. When we are intentional, we bring a commitment, focus, and attention to the things that are important to us. If you are intentional every day, you know upfront what you want to achieve and how you’re going to get there. Here at KJ we are intentional about loving and supporting women. We work hard to create swimmers that everyone will feel bomb in and design colors + prints that will help their personalities shine! When you have a clear purpose, you’ll consciously choose to create the life you want rather than having other people control your feelings and actions. We love seeing women taking control of their lives with intentionality!
To be inclusive is to be inviting and involving all parties, groups, people, etc. When we are inclusive, we’re giving everyone a chance to be themselves and celebrate each other's differences. The world would be so boring if we were all the same! Here at Kortni Jeane we strive to celebrate differences and recognize that everyone is valuable and magic! To truly be a KJ girl, continue to love, support, and include all women - no matter their body shape, background, beliefs, etc. Kortni Jeane is for everyone and anyone is invited to be here!
To uplift is to inspire those around you, in personal, professional, and even online circles. When we uplift others, we not only boost our own self confidence, but we help others have a better life! Who wouldn’t want that?! Here at Kortni Jeane we are dedicated to make our space a place of upliftment and empowerment. We want to create a community where women can celebrate each other, where judgment is left behind, and love is put in its place. We hope all will join us in continuing to make this space positive, empowering, and just downright fun! 
Like we said, Kortni Jeane is dedicated to making a place of empowerment! To empower is to make someone stronger and more confident, especially in their love for themselves! When we empower others, we help them feel valued and appreciated. Here at Kortni Jeane we love investing time in others and telling them that they are enough, even better than what they expect. Empowering others will always improve your life and their lives so don’t hesitate to spread the love! Invest time in those in your circles, remind them they are one of a kind, and that they are capable of anything. 
To connect is to share and understand words, thoughts, interests (and more) with another person. When we connect with others, we build relationships that always lead to more fun! We love the community that has been built around Kortni Jeane and feel blessed to know, talk, and sport swimmers with all of you! Every comment, like, share, and save is appreciated and only builds our connections. Every warehouse sale and local activity reminds us that we are better together! Know that if you ever feel alone, you are always welcome here in the Kortni Jeane community! We’re here to remind you how incredible you truly are. 
The best part of the Kortni Jeane mantra? YOU!
Nothing keeps us motivated and reminded why we do what we do like seeing you choose #kortnijeane ♥️
Our hearts are full to have such an incredible community that continues to support, uplift, and have so much fun with us! We feel incredibly blessed. Thank you for being a part of the Kortni Jeane journey with us! Which of our Kortni Jeane traits ring true to you personally? Being confident, intentional, inclusive, uplifting, empowering, or connecting? Comment below to share!
Kortni + Team


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