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Be a Plant Mom - Kortni Jeane
From luscious hanging greenery to thriving potted succulents, being a Plant Mom is fun and beautiful. But we’ll be the first to admit, it’s not always easy! From soil to pots to various daylight and water intake, plants all have personality. Today we’ve put together tips + tricks for anyone who’s aspiring to be the very best Plant Mom they can be. Happy growing!
If you’ve never taken on nurturing a plant before, it’s okay to start small! Choose something that is low maintenance and a little more forgiving as you figure out how to be a Plant Mom. Cactuses and succulents are two options that will likely survive even if you forget about them for a little while. 
Many new plants come with a little tag with pictures that can leave us feeling confused. Figuring out the right amounts of light and water can be tricky when you’re a new Plant Mom. So don’t rely on those little pictograms alone! Do a little research or ask a fellow Plant Mom for advice! If you know exactly what kind of plant you have, search for care tips on the internet and follow the advice you find there. Trust us, it’ll ease your mind tons!
A plant’s basic needs are water, light, and temperature - make sure you can give your plant these basics. That means you may not want to buy a temperamental tropical plant to start off. Research the kind of plant you’d like to adopt, make sure you can provide their needs, and then go for it! A plant only grows as well as it can in the environment it is provided, so keep that in mind as you’re starting your Plant Mom journey. 
If you’re excited about becoming a Plant Mom, you may not need to set reminders for yourself to take care of your new plants. But if you’ve forgotten about your plants in the past, creating a reminder may save you! It can be easy to forget to water your plants, or move them into a sunnier place. It’s totally okay to remind yourself with an alarm or a notification to take care of your new babies. You’d do the same for yourself, right?!
You’ve heard of treating yourself, so how about treating your new plants?! Buy cute new pots, invest in adorable misters for spritzing, and anything else you want to spoil your babies. It’s the little things that will keep you interested in your plants, making it even easier to take care of them.
Make those plants your very own! 
It is very important as a Plant Mom to follow water instructions as they are not light-hearted suggestions. Whether plants need a little or a lot of water, it’s critical not to exceed or underestimate the recommendations. Be sure to google search what other Plant Mom’s are doing so you don’t over or under water your plants. And every plant will be different so keep a record of what your plants need if you feel yourself getting confused. 
Last but not least, having fun is key to being a Plant Mom! If you are not having fun picking out plants, taking care of them, and spoiling them - maybe being a Plant Mom isn’t the right fit for you. And that’s totally okay! (You could become a candle mom instead!) Get messy, explore a little bit, or go outside of your comfort zone. It never hurts to try new things, that way you can figure out what you like! 
Becoming a Plant Mom does mean taking on a responsibility but it’s supposed to be lots of fun! If you’re ready for your journey as a Plant Mom, get ready to grow, explore, and bloom! Challenge yourself to try something new and use our tips + tricks to get yourself there. Let us know how your journey goes - we can’t wait to hear about it! 
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