Introducing our #KJlittlevictories Campaign!

Introducing our #KJlittlevictories Campaign! - Kortni Jeane


We are thrilled to announce our Kortni Jeane Little Victories Campaign! This two week campaign will take place March 25th through April 5th and we want you all to get involved! Kortni Jeane is more than just a swimwear brand, it's a community of women supporting each other during their best and their worst times! These next couple of weeks are all about celebrating every victory, both big and small. We've noticed that as women, we often downplay our successes. Everyone has a success story though! It's just a matter of understanding what it is. For you, maybe it's as small as cooking a healthy meal or running a solid 20 minutes a day, or maybe it's as big as starting your own business or having a baby! Whether your victories are big or small, it's time to shine! You deserve to celebrate and we want to help you do just that! 

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Throughout the next couple of weeks we will have guest blog posts from inspiring women focusing on what "little victories" means to them. We're so excited to have them work with us and share their experiences to help women around the world celebrate their successes! To start us off, Kortni tells us what celebrating "little victories" means to her and why we started this campaign:

Kortni Jeane Little Victories Campaign

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"Do you stop to smell the roses? We often hear this phrase but have you ever really put thought to it? As a wife, mother, business owner and entrepreneur I keep myself pretty busy. I’m so concerned with checking to-dos off my list and I always feel I’m in a hurry. I want to get it done and move on. I’ll reach a goal I’ve set and move onto my next goal without much thought that I accomplished something I had my sights set on. It’s just another task I’ve checked off my list. 

I’ve made it a conscious effort over this past year and a half now that I celebrate my victories, whether they be big or small. I was hitting these big business goals I had set and would hurry to try to hit the next one, barely even acknowledging what I'd accomplished. By always trying to do better and be better, I forgot to stop and smell the roses. But, if we don’t enjoy the journey along the way, what’s the point in the first place? 
So, whether that means I give myself an extra minute in the shower, take myself out for a mani/pedi, or throw a party in my honor, taking a moment to acknowledge and actually EXPERIENCE the mile stones, tasks, triumphs, achievements, and successes has changed my outlook on life. Yeah, it may seem silly that I often celebrate when I make it out of the house before noon with my baby and that I find pride in organizing the files on my desktop, but if we do this I can tell you that I find myself more driven, more motivated, and just downright happier!
Let’s stop to smell the roses together and celebrate our victories big and small!"
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#KJlittlevictories campaign
We want to invite you all to follow along and participate in our campaign. It's time for you to shine! Take time to celebrate your victories and relish in the little things. Follow along on our Instagram @kortnijeane to see our daily posts from inspiring women who have taught us valuable lessons about what celebrating little victories means to them. Once you're feeling inspired, join us by posting what little victories means to you and use the hashtag #KJlittlevictories. We can't wait to be inspired by each and every one of you! It's time to celebrate!
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